What does making money ahead of the curve actually mean (free audio)

Making money in a business depends on being able to market your product in such a way people want it.  The more people that want your product the easier it is, and the less competition you have the easier it is.

So imagine if you are trying to sell video tape players – there is no demand for those anymore – it is unlikely you are going to do really well and make a great income no matter how well you can market them.  Imagine if you had been selling them in the boom when video was taking off, then when DVDs came in, and then BluRay, and currently 3D TV and home cinema systems seem to be going through a bit of a boost.

Being ahead of the curve is when you are at the forefront of the DVD boom – getting in just before it was happening – people are starting to know they want one and when films stopped being made on VHS they NEEDED one!

So how do you actually take advantage of being ahead of the curve?  Well luckily here is a great FREE audio for you on how to do it



How to recruit 20 people in 30 days Eric Worre

This is a valuable training – leaning so much and I highly recommend his book Go Pro.

But before you head off to Amazon to check that out watch this video and take notes.  Also click the link below to see how you could potentially create a huge advertising advertising budget for your business from just $35 by clicking the link underneath.

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MLM Excuse “I don’t have time to build my business”

A common excuse for people in network marketing or home based business is that they don’t have time to get anything done so they carry on with their life as it is – not happy, but not unhappy enough to do anything about it.

Once the pain gets bad enough people take action – like getting fired, having a huge bill to pay etc, then they do something – but not until then.

That’s a shame – hopefully this video can help you get more done even if you don’t have time –