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How to Improve Your Trading Psychology

As an NLP Practitioner, I understand that the mind is a powerful tool. It can be used to create success, or it can be used to sabotage our efforts. When it comes to trading, the mind is essential. Without a strong mental game, it is very difficult to consistently make money. There are a number… Read More »

Mastering Trading Psychology: Unlocking Success with NLP Techniques

Mastering Trading Psychology: Unlocking Success with NLP Techniques Introduction: Trading psychology is a crucial aspect of achieving success in the financial markets. The ability to manage emotions, control impulses, and make rational decisions can significantly impact trading outcomes. In this article, we delve into the world of trading psychology and explore how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)… Read More »

Forex trading 30th Sept – we lost!

Well our 94% win rate just dropped to . . .  .92% Yes we lost a trade just proving that we can’t win them all – and we are pretty excited to have lost a trade! That sounds crazy but I explain in this Facebook live why –  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT The thing… Read More »

Forex Diary 26th Sept

I thought I would start up my Forex diary again today.  When I started trading a couple of years ago I did to purely to record my journey and see if it worked or not. Well it did and a lot has changed for the better in that time  – mainly my consistency helped by… Read More »