Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cold Market Recruiting

So in many network marketing companies they talk about writing a list of everybody you know – this is know as your warm market.  But the real magic is in cold market recruiting recruiting. Why?  Well you – never run out of people never annoy your friends / family / colleagues (I actually have a… Read More »

How to stop being overwhelmed in network marketing

I personally believe that overwhelm is a huge issue in the network marketing / home based business industry.  Your company and team most likely supply you with lots of training to ‘help’ you.  And I am sure that much of the training is excellent and they and you assume that with all this training you… Read More »

How to sell without selling in Network Marketing

OK so first of all I know that sounds like a crazy statement to make “How to sell without selling” but since I adopted this approach I have seen my business go from strength to strength and twice now I have brought 25 people into a business without having to pressure them, without having to… Read More »

Why you need to aim high in your business

I had to make an apology video today for some of my team as I learned a valuable lesson in some training I was watching.  I watch training videos just about everyday as I want to be an expert in my field and I heard something that just leaped out of the vidoe and hit… Read More »