About Paul

working at hotel penzance1OK, thanks for clicking the about page to find out more about me.  That’s me to the left – living the laptop lifestyle you hear about.  I tend to take a lot of breaks away and this is me just checking on my online business and clients while I have a cup of tea over looking the sea.

Let’s clear this name thing up – Paul Turner is quite a common name and there is a famous musician who took all of the top spots on Google and my chosen domain name.  I do not play bass guitar!!!  If you thought I did then you’ve found the wrong Paul Turner and now you know why I have a pretentious domain name!

A little about me then – I live in a place called Grantham in the UK, famous for Issac Newton, Margaret Thatcher (first female British Prime Minister – in fact I live a few doors down from where she was born and where her family’s corner shop was) and who can forget being voted as the most boring town in Britain!  Now you know why we love the internet!

I am married to the lovely Laraine and have a son called Glenn and 3 cats.

Previous work has included retail and being an area manager for a large company in the UK – the hours were long and the work was hard but it taught me a lot and enabled me to go and set up on my own.  I currently have my own SEO (search engine optimization) business and also work online in network marketing which is one of the greatest professions in the world endorsed by many top business people now.

My hobbies?  Well cinema but I don’t go often enough and playing guitar.  For the guitar buffs amongst you I used to own a Gibson Les Paul Custom and I sold it once when it was gathering dust as I didn’t get time to play and I could use the money – one of the biggest regrets of my life!!!

My passion?  Well as I said the hours were long at the company I worked for and working for yourself is hard work too.  I don’t mind working hard but its great to wake up to a sale or two over night and also seeing team members breaking free from their jobs – so that is my major passion – to help people get free like I did.

Would you like to know more about me?  Got questions?  What to come along for the ride and build a large income through network marketing?

You are a business owner and want me to see if I can grow your current business?

Want to to learn how come I have a 90% plus success rate in Forex trading?

Just want to network to see if we can benefit each other in some way?

Get in touch – I don’t bite!

Best place to get me is Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/realpaulturner

Email paulturnerofficial @ gmail.com      Tel 0845 3409234   Skpye paulturner3
It would be great to connect with you on social media too – top right of this page you can find them all!  Please do connect

Look forward to the chat!