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Here are some testimonials I have for my NLP work with people – thanks to everyone kind enough to give a testimonial.  If you like what you see you can purchase my course by clicking the image right at the bottom of this page (or go straight HERE)

“Single biggest transformation”

“One Million Dollars”

“Able to zoom in on what the real block is”

Help with PTSD amongst other things

Euan’s Testimonial

Fix me Paul I procrastinate

procrastination As some of you know, I had an NLP session with Paul today that he posted in the member area. (Wait until you read this omg) Ok….. So this is so amazing I almost don’t want to post it here because I don’t think anyone will believe me!
I had a big issue with procrastinating…. I mean a HUGE one. Not at all with marketing, but with boring terrible paperwork and accounting type stuff… Well, i literally took care of some business today that I have been putting off since about August after my session. Today I finally went through a stack of paperwork I’ve been avoiding to discover I am eligible for 6 months of payments for my health insurance (apparently when I was a cop I had a health retirement account I didn’t even know about). So what that translates to is 6 payments I have made since August, I am now getting reimbursed…. $9,054. That’s right, over 9K i have been avoiding because I didn’t even know I was eligible… and they will continue to pay for the next 3 months to the tune of about $4,500. (YES! My health insurance is F&*King expensive!) for a total of literally $13,500. In the video I reference it costing me 10-15K if I didn’t accomplish the tasks I was avoiding, but I wasn’t even talking about this! This is in addition! If you are stuck. Go see Paul. MIND AND BRAIN FEELING RELEASED

Pain and pressure

After mentioning to Paul that I was having some struggles with pressure and fullness along with intense tinnitus in my ear, Paul immediately offered a video call and commenced a NLP session. I was amazed at the ability to re-train my brain, and Paul’s session helped lower the intensity of the pressure/fullness significantly. Maybe more importantly, I learned tools that I can use whenever I need to. Also, all of my negative emotions, and some hopelessness dropped away. My outlook changed dramatically after our session. Super grateful for Paul! Alan

Help with Forex Trading

When I contacted Paul about his NLP course I was curious, hopeful, slightly wary but open minded…almost. I was hoping he would answer my question with a Yes…and indeed he did. I have been learning Forex trading for many months and although I felt sure I could do it the fear of loss was holding me back from entering trades. My mistakes were not using patience, getting anxious with targets and basically getting really stressed out because I was letting other people down. That, in turn, compounded the stress whereas it should’ve been the trading account being compounded! I am now working through the course and exercises and can honestly say I am feeling a difference. The anxiety and frustration of missing a trade has gone (there will always be another) This has led to being much more relaxed about waiting for a setup (and if you get specific alerts you are not staring at a screen all the time) And if you happen to miss a trade it’s NOT the end of the world. Most of all the course has taught me to relax more, not to take a trade unless ALL the signs are good and to let an ‘almost’ setup pass because ‘almost’ is not good enough. So that fear of missing a trade has gone. If the pattern isn’t right it’s better to have never taken the trade rather than taken it and wishing you hadn’t! One final word about Paul and NLP…he has taken the subject, learnt fast and presents it in a series of short videos. Ideal for easy learning. And NLP itself is known to help people with fears, phobias, habits they want to break etc. Highly recommend this course and the price is incredibly good value!


Some words on my NLP Course

“Paul, your Mind Hacks for Marketers course has been, and continues to be, extremely helpful to me! I was frustrated and stuck in what I called an insanity circle until I completed the videos & worksheets in your course. Thank you SO much for this valuable info. and for helping me get back on a straight path!”
Thanks Myra Beck

“I want to take things in my stride like I did when I was 17”

Problems accepting money


When Paul offered to help me with my limiting beliefs I jumped right in. My limiting belief was that I am not allowed to earn money for myself, which is pretty awful as an entrepreneur.

Paul asked direct and simple questions, which allowed me to see that my belief was completely bonkers. He also acknowledged that I could now see that it was bonkers, I still felt it.

By asking more direct and simple questions and a simple exercise I got over that feeling and he gave me another way of seeing and feeling about earning money.

The session was under one hour and within that session I was able to throw a limiting belief away, literary over my left shoulder, and move on. Paul asked his questions direct, very fast and with respect. I would go back for another session anytime.


Lack Of Self Confidence

woman-entrepreneur-feeling-uncertain-600x345I met Paul Turner when I joined him in an on-line opportunity in the summer of 2016.  As I watched him on his face book  live videos, I realized there is a better life that I could live my life. His wisdom and knowledge of what holds people back from being successful and living the life they want intrigued me. You see, I have had self limiting beliefs and issues with confidence since I was young and they were holding me back from having the success that I wanted despite all the personal development I was working on.

I became aware through the face book videos that Paul is a NLP practitioner that understands the way to success and how to move forward in life to improve yourself and believe in yourself which in turn helps you to connect with people much easier. Paul connects with and understands each individual by asking them what they want. He then identifies their blocks and hurdles by just asking simple questions. The questions are funny and easy to answer and are not intrusive at all. You do, however, have to want to improve your life in order to get the best possible experience.

It is amazing how the simple things Paul taught me made such a difference in my life. And even after the session, the strategies and simple techniques Paul taught me helps me to build my confidence and have the belief in myself and what I can accomplish stronger. I am so incredibly grateful that I met Paul and had the chance to have a session with him. I am looking forward to having more sessions with him in the near future.


Paul Turner, Thank you so much for helping me to overcome my 35 year fear of Clowns!

Clown Phobia NLP “Before my NLP session with Paul, I only had to look at a picture of a clown and i would get a panic attack. And if i was faced with a clown handing out balloons in a street or at a kids party i would literally run away in fear. It is something that i have always just lived with and accepted in my life, and something my family and friends just teased me about. But only recently did it really start to present itself as a big problem. A few months ago the Circus came to town. And now that i am a Mum of 2 young children, they were given free tickets by the school, and they asked me to take them. But my fear of seeing the Clowns make me say No as the thought of it terrified me. I then realised that my fear was affecting them! So Paul Turner offered to help with the use of NLP. I was extremely sceptical and a little afraid that he was going to make me meet a clown or just show me horrible pictures. But i did trust Paul and i agreed to having the NLP session. We arranged a Video call and Paul instantly made me feel at ease and i was able to relax. At the start of the session he asked me about my experience that caused the fear and judged the level of my fear. He then took me back through my experience and I must admit i was in tears as the fear came out as an emotional wave. He then got me to think about something funny. And began to get me to turn my fear into a distant memory and replace it with a feeling of happiness and laughter. After the session he asked me how i felt about Clowns and my inner feeling of fear had disappeared. Then he showed me a picture of a clown and i couldn’t believe it. I actually burst out laughing and found the image hilarious! It was incredible as only 15 minutes before i couldn’t even look at it! I still cannot believe that a fear i had held onto for 35 years was gone after only spending about 15 minutes with Paul. Its incredible! Paul was amazing and i cannot Thank him enough. I promised my children that next time the Circus comes to town i will take them, and i would even pose for a photo with a clown to show my family and friends. I now smile and giggle when i see a Clown. I’m so grateful, Thank you Paul.”

SJ Cruickshank

Migraine headache cured in minutes

In pain since 1970, gone in 10 minutes

painI first came across Paul in July 2016 when I joined him in an on-line venture. I quickly became aware that he had become qualified in NLP and after a few conversations I felt comfortable with Paul to a point where I felt I could open up to him and tell him a little of my history in life.

I became paraplegic in October 1970 and right from the get go I suffered severe pain in my lower left abdomen and down my left leg which I was told was a neuropathic pain which would affect me for the rest of my life. I have tried all conventional therapy via the NHS but nothing worked. I became reliant on pain killers but in all honesty they didn’t work. I went to pain clinics along with visits to the GP and Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Centre but no relief. I found the only way to get some relief was to get my mind off of it but the moment I stopped what I was doing the pain reappeared.

Then during a Skype call with Paul I told hime of the pain. He politely asked my permission to try something he suggested. Although I was skeptical of this new approached I thought I have nothing to lose but much to gain so decided to allow Paul to try his way.

He showed me a procedure which I went along with and although this took less than 10 minutes I had to agree the pain had gone. It does raise it’s ugly head now and then but now I have the procedure that Paul showed me and once I have carried it out it is again gone.

I can’t thank Paul enough for this as it has been a huge problem for me since 1970 but now I feel a sense of freedom in body as well as mentally. My friends and family have also noticed the change in me as I can now be the person I wished to be.

My relationships with others is so different especially my 4 year old grandson who obviously did not understand and thought I was a grumpy old grandad. Now I have such a wonderful relationship with him and have to say it is all down to Mr Paul Turner and NLP.

B Norman

Helping Madelyn with low blood pressure symptoms

Sleep problems resolved

insomnia“I was watching one of Paul’s FB lives where he was talking about NLP I half jokingly asked if he could help me with my insomnia. Within 20 minutes we were on a live Skype video call and WOW. I explained my sleeping problems and Paul suggested that we could try some NLP techniques that would help my insomnia. I admit I was a little sceptical but as I have known Paul for a while now I trusted his judgement and felt comfortable enough to give it a go. He took me through the first technique which was finding an anchor point and within 5 minutes I was already feeling sleepy and relaxed…..absolutely amazing. We did a couple of others to do with getting rid of stress and one which I can now use when I feel I need some energy. But my main problem was lack of sleep. The first night after my session with Paul I had the best sleep I’d had in the last 5 years at least. What he taught me in that short time has allowed me to totally relax when I go to bed and I can actually feel myself falling into a deep sleep and its been the same every night since. Really simple to do….when you know how. If you have any issues weather it be in you personal life or business life or whatever I would strongly suggest you speak with Paul and let him see how he can help you. My tongue in cheek question has cured a problem that I thought I was stuck with for life. Thank you so much Paul…..the difference it has made really is life changing.”

D Mallinson

“Hey Paul just wanted to follow up with you it’s been about a week and let me tell you it works!!!! I have had some pretty damn good sleep this past week!”

Curtis J Gandolph

Anxious all the time

anxiety“I recently had a NLP session by Skype with Paul Turner to overcome my state of anxiety & nervousness. Paul guided me through a simple yet effective process to reset my state & give me techniques to use to recreate this myself. I would recommend Paul to anyone considering NLPP & needing help to address a psychological or physical issue.”

Samantha Charles

“I want to eat fish but I am disgusted by it”

5-best-fish-to-eat Anthony came to me as he really wanted to eat fish for health reasons and to have more choice when he eat out – especially with friends.  Problem is he was absolutely disgusted by fish and was repulsed level 12 on a scale of one to 10! He made me this video today as he tested the results of what we did – I got this follow up message about a week later “Whatever u did… it’s ridiculous!! Ate fish again tonight really enjoyed every mouthful!! What did u do? Hypnosis or something? How did that work??”

Ant Parker

Help with limiting beliefs, anxiety and confidence

SaraJane Testimonial 2November 2016. I joined up Exitus Elite as an opportunity. An opportunity to help me and my family go forward and live a life with out struggling. So I joined up as part of this involves training and personal development. Paul Turner is an NLP practitioner that understands the way to success and go forward in life is to improve one self first and connect with people and believe you can. You got to want to improve your life but then if you are with EE then you most likely do. In my case NLP and personal Development is so important to succeed. I have so many self limiting beliefs and anxiety issues that I didn’t think success was possible despite all the personal development I’m doing. I try to succeed and get so far then slam dunk it all goes wrong. Paul connects and understands each individual by asking what they want. He identifies their blocks/ hurdles by just asking simple questions. Questions are funny and easy to answer and not intrusive at all. His NLP training identifies the areas to work on and then shows you ways simple ways to deal with this. I found as his student his training was priceless! And so empowering! He showed simple ways to help stop the blocks to success. Simple easy tasks! The spinning thing, anchoring and visual tasks are just my first session. Ok I’m just starting on this road to successful me; but now after my first session and 11/2 hours of 1-1 training I have learnt 3-4 simple ways to help overcome daily stresses of life. I never knew any of this! It’s all totally awe inspiring. I am really excited now to go forward with more training in NLP that Paul does live on his websites and 1-1. THANKYOU Paul you have helped me start my road to successful stardom!

 Nail Biting

paul turner nlpI am 37 years old and have been biting my fingernails since I quit smoking at the age of 23. I have always done it without realising and have bitten the down till they are sore. I have tried everything from taping my fingers up to buying the horrible tasting stuff you brush on to your nails, all of which have not worked!! I thought I would never see the whites o my nails ever again until day I was watching a Facebook live talk by Paul Turner on NLP, and for some reason he started chatting about how to stop biting your nails. Well this was a couple of weeks ago and I have implemented what Paul suggested and WOW, I have not bitten my nails since! Thank you Paul, you’ve stopped a 15 year habit, so much so I have actually bout a pair of nail clippers! Thanks again.

Kelvin Wood

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