The “real” Paul Turner

Welcome to my little piece of the internet.  First of all the name thing – I have a very common name and share it with a musician who gets lots of results in the search engines – so just for the record I do not play bass guitar!  If you are looking for him then it is the other Paul turner you want!

My main aim was to get free from my job.  So I turned to network marketing, affiliate marketing and the internet.  And after many failures I started to make it work and now I live a life of freedom which is pretty sweet.

I got involved in self development and this lead to me training as an NLP Master Practitioner.  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is often called the science of success and helps you run your own brain.  I put this down to my success in a big way and I share simple “mind hacks” you can do to improve your results.  Sign up to my list to get them.

I have come across many of the problems network marketers face and I love to train and share what I have learned,  so be sure to sign up to my list over there on the right and you will get free training to help you.  You can unsubscribe any time you like.

So take a look around here and enjoy!



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