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About Me : How Neuro Linguistic Programing Changed My Life


An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Hello! I’m Paul Turner, and as I reflect on where I am now, I can’t help but consider the events and lessons that shaped my success.

I’ll gloss over my early years quickly because, honestly, you are here for the parts of my story that were life changing for me and could have an impact on you. 

In my school exams, I was decidedly average. I pursued higher education but failed all my higher exams.  Not a great start there!

My career began humbly, stacking supermarket shelves. Over time, I climbed the ranks to manage a sizable department. But as corporate changes cut off further promotions, I turned to sales—a domain where I really struggled, often landing at the bottom of the sales charts.

The good thing about this time though is I learned a valuable lesson.  I bought a book called the One Minute Sales Person and one page in that book took me from bottom to second position the next week, where I pretty much stayed for the rest of my time in that position.

What I learned doesn’t matter here but if you reach out and ask me I will tell you – the key learning though is that often a small piece of information can make a huge difference in your performance, and often at a rapid pace.

Financially, success seemed elusive and I hopped between sales roles, always earning just enough, always in debt. I assumed entrepreneurship and my own business was the ticket out. 

I’ve tasted the life of a solopreneur, juggling various roles from marketing to CEO to sweeper upper, where weekends weren’t leisure but catch-up sessions. 

Like many entrepreneurs, I grappled with aspects of my work. I grew resentful towards the demands of some of my clients and the never-quite-enough financial returns. These challenges reflected in my personal life, unable to afford the vacations and luxuries my family deserved.

Fast forward, and I was running my own Search Engine Optimization business during a turbulent time for Google algorithms. A few unfavourable shifts in the algorithm, and clients I’d served loyally for years abruptly terminated our partnerships. My income tanked.

Here is a tip you can have for free.  Do not wait until a breaking point before you make a change.  Dig your well before you are thirty so to speak.

Have you felt stuck?  If so you know exactly how I felt back then, when you can’t seem to see a way out.

At this crossroads, my incredible wife practically forced me into an investment in a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course. If NLP is new to you, it’s often dubbed the ‘science of success,’ deriving strategies from observing individuals excelling in their fields. 

My prior exposure to NLP was through Tony Robbins’ “Unlimited Power.” book.  But you know you don’t really know a subject from a book alone.

Our course spanned 10 weekends across a year. On day one, our instructor asked what we wanted to get out of the course.

While many wanted to help others, my focus was set firmly on my own growth, personal and business.  I felt selfish then but it was pointed out you can’t help anybody else until you help yourself and I, with the benefit of hindsight agree this is so true.  

The instructor made a bold claim—that I would double my income. He was wrong. I tripled it! Not by learning new business tricks and strategies, but by overhauling my mindset.

I was able to solve the problems of my SEO business by ditching the clients and running a purely online business which bought a lot of freedom.

The personal changes were profound too. For 13 years, we’d dreamed of relocating to Cornwall in the UK. Multiple previous attempts had been thwarted – almost as if there was something in the Universe blocking our attempts.

However, just four months post-course, everything aligned, and the dream became reality. 

I was so impressed, amazed and at times bewildered by the changes I saw in myself, my wife and others on the course that I deepened my expertise, becoming a Master NLP Practitioner and qualified trainer. 

I had the privilege of spending a weekend training under Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, and Paul McKenna, the renowned hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

Initially, I employed NLP predominantly for personal growth. But over seven years, its undeniable impact on others around me has solidified my passion for sharing this transformative tool.  

Every week I seem to get asked for some NLP help so I cannot ignore the need or my ability to help those who see themselves wanting more.

So, with 7 years in NLP practice under my belt and experience from an entrepreneurial background, I now extend a hand to my fellow solopreneurs so they can have their own breakthroughs.

You know what – it also feels great to do it too.

My name is Paul Turner, 

“I teach entrepreneurs how to take control of their brain, thoughts and emotions, so they can finally drive the power of their mind to break through barriers, shatter limitations and achieve success whatever that means to them. What does it mean to you?


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