I am blessed to have some people saying nice things about the support I offer –  I thought twice about sharing these, but I figured is the only way I can help show you guys that I am actually all about trying to help people break through to the next level.  If you would like to work with me then contact me paulturnerofficial @gmail.com


Paul Turner from Damien Duggan on Vimeo.

Hey Paul, I appreciate all of your teaching in the Residual Income Machine group. For the first time, I really feel like I can build a business. Thanks, Jaden

paul turner testimonial

Hi Paul, I been watching a lot of your training. Good stuff thank you I sure appreciate it.

Matt Remorino For those that haven’t yet realised how much value Paul gives check out his site http://therealpaulturner.com If there is the slightest chance of doing a video with a whiteboard to visually explain something Paul is the one! Makes everything really clear!


Hi Paul, Just wanted to reach out and connect with another leader inside our residual income machine… I appreciate all the value you provide it’s been a huge help.

“I was having techy difficulties at my end. And greatly appreciate all that Paul did to help me. He went beyond ‘the call and duty’ figuring out how he can support me in my online business. And he is not even in my upline. He uploaded this youtube video for me because other ways – google + hangout, skype, etc.didn’t work with my laptop for some reason this morning. He is not saying anything because I was having techy issues with my sound and microphone. So, he typed in large font so I could read what he wanted to teach me. Thank you again, Paul.”

“Yes I will happily endorse Paul for his all round abilities and is a great leader and mentor !”

Deb wrote: “I’ve given up so many times because I just can’t sell to people even if I believe in the product. The other reason is that without exception my upliners have signed me up and left me to get on with it. The only real help I had was from a guy called Paul Turner who helped even though I wasn’t in his down line and it didn’t benefit him at all.”

“It’s Sunday. Once again, I’d like to thank Paul Turner for giving up his time so freely to give me an online Masterclass this morning – real value with giveaways to earn real money – no matter how untechy you are, you can do it too! That’s the system we’ve developed and that’s why I am on Team Turner.”

“why is the person who turbo charges your traffic called a Turner”

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“Things aren’t always black and white. I’m in your failure group because I just can’t sell products. I hate it so I sign up and then hide. The only one I’d sign back up to is Xplocial and my up liner would be Paul Turner because he gets that I find selling hugely embarrassing and knows how to inspire. Xx”


“I would like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful Paul Turner for helping me sort out a capture page in seconds (which I was told would take days…..). THATS called amazing support, friendship and teamwork. Thanks again”

“This picture was made by a brilliant Network Marketing Professional friend Paul Turner. Check out his Facebook page by clicking on his name!”

“Folks, 99.9% don’t want to help you but recruit you! My friend Paul I met online wanted to connect and has helped me out a ton. No gimmicks, no recruiting, but genuine help. This is the exception not the rule.”

“Well I knew we’d be working together at some point! Sooner or later it had to happen!”

“I’m so eager to get working with you”

Steve Cha Ching Lawson For anyone that doesnt know Paul ! Well I want to say what a fabulous Leader Coach and all round great guy he really is ! If your looking to build an online business then Paul is your go to guy ! I appreciate all the help and wisdom that he has passed onto me over the time that I have known him ! Thanks Paul ”

Karl Henshaw Take business outta this, forget training, forget sponsoring, forget every thing to do with making money….

Paul Turner is a genuine Guy, a Nice Guy and the man I Trust more than anyone else online…

Yes he makes money, yes he can help you grow your business…

But at his core is a valuable human being, one that has had his fare share of pain and struggle….

But though it all has remained Humble, down to earth and a Nice man to know….

Respect Paul…..”

“Today I would like to share my appreciation to Paul Turner who is a great guy and wonderful mentor. Thankyou for your support and guidance in setting me on a new business path. “

I have known Paul Turner 5 years and he is like a brother to me, I am so grateful to him and look forward to sitting on his verandah in his beach house celebrating our team’s mighty hard work and success!”

“I just wrote a detailed and full testimonial on Paul even though I’m not part of his business opp. Then the live ended as I was about to send and it deleted the whole thing. FFS. In brief, Paul is a top guy who doesn’t do marketing b***hit he’s genuine, smart and very willing to mentor anyone who wants to work with him”   NINA FRANKS


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