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Interesting thoughts on life

Meet Dr Richard Bandler in this short video. He is the co-creator of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Proramming) and has some great insights on how our brains work – in fact NLP helps you program your mind like a computer.

Why I left IM

Here is the video explaining why I left  – and I invite you to check out one of my new projects using the link below the video  

The Perfect Partnership: Affiliate Marketing and Forex Trading

In the world of financial freedom and passive income, affiliate marketing and Forex trading stand out as two potential wealth-building strategies. Both have their unique benefits, and when combined, they can form a dynamic income-generating duo. The question is, how can these seemingly different fields merge to create a perfect partnership? Let’s delve in. Affiliate… Read More »

Frank Calabro Jr A How I Accidentally Made a Million Bucks

“How I Accidentally Made a Million Bucks | Frank Calabro Jr” is about the author’s journey in internet marketing and how he transitioned from a traditional business to the online world. Frank Calabro Jr. discusses his early struggles, including spending thousands of dollars on training and courses, and how he found success through a platform… Read More »