How to leverage new Facebook features to get more traffic to your blog

This is a timely webinar as you will have noticed me blogging more again – and its getting results with leads popping out up all the time now.

I need to finish watching this webinar but I have seen enough to tell you the info here is going to help you get more traffic, more traffic to your blog means more leads and more leads means more sales right – that’s just the way it works.

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Increasing your blog traffic from the top sites on the web

If you really want to be a leader then it makes sense to have a blog – somewhere you can go put your content and know it will still be there years from now.  Also if you think about it a blog is the only thing online you actually own!

I am a proud member of MLSP – My Lead System Pro  – which has some great lead generation tools, awesome training from 7 figure earners AND in October 2015 they launch a blogging platform – YES!

So you can get everything you need now with MLSP – its there to support your primary business and is NOT another opportunity – so you should check it out.

Anyway – this is a must see video from one of the awesome leaders in the group – after you watch it get the free lead magnet to get an example of the sort of things we get to use the generate leads inside of MLSP – plus you will learn alot from it.

Here is the resource I mentioned earlier – 
falcone training vid

Alternative list building method – the money is in the LIST

Its a well known saying in the network marketing and internet marketing world that “The money is in the list” and there is no doubt that this is correct.  However it takes time to build a list and also to profit from it.  You also have to learn how to build rapport and develop a relationship with that list.

So when you start a new business how do you get into momentum and more importantly profit quickly!

Well I have an alternative list building method that I think you will love – it also helps you build a relationship with people by giving great value.  Here is a video explanation of the alternative list building method – if you want to see it just share this post.

To sum up the method in case you don’t want to give me a share lol here is the method laid out

  •  LEARN – learn a new strategy from some training you have purchased or found online
  •  IMPLEMENT – put that strategy into action until you get a result
  •  SHARE – share the result out on your blog / social media
  •  TEACH – teach others how to do it as value based posts or to your team to help them get results

I am one of the founders of The Fantastic Four Facebook 21 Day Challenge – which does exactly what I say above.  I bought several courses on building a business on Facebook.   I implemented what I learned and then shared the results I got.   Sometimes that would just be “I got a lead” – nothing fancy.   Then I taught what I did to get that result.  This attracted people to me rather than me chase them as they wanted to know how to get the result.  And many of them became leads!

So to sum up remember I do recommend building a list the more traditional way but by using the 21 Day Facebook Challenge I was able to recruit 25 people in a 30 day period.

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7 Secrets that took this Broke ‘Non-Techie’ Housewife to #1 Affiliate!

Another awesome video – I get these every week and so much more from my membership of a certain site.  Although the training here if for any business if you would like to try out the tools for yourself there is a $10 test drive – link below the video.

But first check out the golden nuggets from the top earner –


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How to to Jump to the Top of the Leader Boards of YOUR Biz Opportunity in Record Time


Even if you don’t want to be on the leader boards (but why wouldn’t you) but are just looking to build your business here is some amazing training that will help you.

Enjoy the video and then click the link below the video to try the system for $10 (after watching the video the clever ones among you will have worked out you could take the $10 trial and lean LOTS even if you don’t want to carry on)