Episode 7 How to follow up with prospects in Network Marketing

Ok so you have got some leads and got them to agree to see your video / presentation page.  Then comes what is for many the awkward conversation “What did you think?”

Well there are a few things taught but here is my favourite – I taught this for my team in imarkets live and it went down well so though I would share it here for the benefit of you all.

Ironically most people got into iml with me as they hate referring others or just plain sucked at it – as with iml you can make money with the products which is a refreshing change.  There is a banner over to the right if you want to see how iml can set you financially free.

How to recruit 20 people in 30 days Eric Worre

This is a valuable training – leaning so much and I highly recommend his book Go Pro.

But before you head off to Amazon to check that out watch this video and take notes.  Also click the link below to see how you could potentially create a huge advertising advertising budget for your business from just $35 by clicking the link underneath.

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