The Negabots are everywhere!

So I am assuming many of you reading this don’t know what a Negabot is.  In the following video I give an explanation of what a Negabot is and how they want to stop you succeeding. In a nutshell anybody can be a Negabot – and it is all down to programming.  Nobody knows where […]

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paul turner 3 feet from gold

What does “stopping 3 feet from gold” actually mean

If you haven’t heard the expression “3 feet from gold” and don’t know what it means perhaps I should explain.  It is a great book which you can read about here at Amazon. The actual expression though refers to the fact that – people often give up on the verge of success You can watch my […]

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How to stop being overwhelmed in network marketing

I personally believe that overwhelm is a huge issue in the network marketing / home based business industry.  Your company and team most likely supply you with lots of training to ‘help’ you.  And I am sure that much of the training is excellent and they and you assume that with all this training you […]

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mlm merry go round paul turner

The MLM Merry Go round

I called this blog post the MLM Merry Go Round because I know a lot of people online and see this happening all the time.  People go from one company to the next – and in a few cases go right back where they started!  It is literally like betting on which Merry Go Round […]

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