Episode 7 How to follow up with prospects in Network Marketing

Ok so you have got some leads and got them to agree to see your video / presentation page.  Then comes what is for many the awkward conversation “What did you think?”

Well there are a few things taught but here is my favourite – I taught this for my team in imarkets live and it went down well so though I would share it here for the benefit of you all.

Ironically most people got into iml with me as they hate referring others or just plain sucked at it – as with iml you can make money with the products which is a refreshing change.  There is a banner over to the right if you want to see how iml can set you financially free.

Lessons from a Ray Higdon Event – MLM Millionaire Mentoring

I recently attended the MLM Millionaire Mentoring event in Manchester with Ray Higdon and made a ton of notes.

One of my things is to share knowledge so for those of you that just want it raw I go through my notes here to give you the golden nuggets.  Check below for a free gift too.


The Negabots are everywhere!

So I am assuming many of you reading this don’t know what a Negabot is.  In the following video I give an explanation of what a Negabot is and how they want to stop you succeeding.

In a nutshell anybody can be a Negabot – and it is all down to programming.  Nobody knows where it really started but have you noticed how easy it is to be negative?  Especially when it comes from all around you – this is what the negabots want!

The way they get to you is by feeding you negativity – its all over – and the only way protect yourself – and cure yourself if you are already infected is to keep feeding yourself with positivity – from books, videos, hanging around with positive people or anything else that keeps in in positive frame of mind.

See the banner over on the top right of this page – the 21 Day Challenge one?  That is a great place to get the right training, hang around with positive people and get a self development library – check it out if you are in the home based business industry.


What does “stopping 3 feet from gold” actually mean

If you haven’t heard the expression “3 feet from gold” and don’t know what it means perhaps I should explain.  It is a great book which you can read about here at Amazon.

The actual expression though refers to the fact that –

people often give up on the verge of success

You can watch my video on it here –

So let me continue with a couple more points.

Firstly people in the network marketing industry in particular are not taught that it takes TIME to build trust with a prospect.  As I say in my 3 feet from gold video people generally don’t just jump into a home based business – its actually a big deal or should be for most people.

When was the last time you jumped in to a big decision.  Not too often I am sure.  So if you realize this then you lose some of the urgency – you see some people come into the industry thinking they can make a big income quickly – in actual fact this while this CAN happen it often doesn’t happen – this is a business and whilst you can shortcut the process by learning how to build rapport and engage with people – we have a great video on that in our Fantastic Facebook Four 21 Day Challenge.

Secondly I want to point out that most people take time ti learn how to build that trust and rapport.  So for a typical network marketer learning those techniques for the first time they start month 1 with great intentions – this month is mainly learning.

Month 2 they are starting to build those relationships BUT this can take more than a month

Month 3 they look at their results and quit!  Sometimes the excitement has worn off too and there are no sales!  But if they forget the first month may have been wasted.  They forget they are building the pipeline.  They forget that they are 3 feet from gold!

I hope you found this blog post interesting at least – if so please feel free to like and share or leave a comment for me.



Alternative list building method – the money is in the LIST

Its a well known saying in the network marketing and internet marketing world that “The money is in the list” and there is no doubt that this is correct.  However it takes time to build a list and also to profit from it.  You also have to learn how to build rapport and develop a relationship with that list.

So when you start a new business how do you get into momentum and more importantly profit quickly!

Well I have an alternative list building method that I think you will love – it also helps you build a relationship with people by giving great value.  Here is a video explanation of the alternative list building method – if you want to see it just share this post.

To sum up the method in case you don’t want to give me a share lol here is the method laid out

  •  LEARN – learn a new strategy from some training you have purchased or found online
  •  IMPLEMENT – put that strategy into action until you get a result
  •  SHARE – share the result out on your blog / social media
  •  TEACH – teach others how to do it as value based posts or to your team to help them get results

I am one of the founders of The Fantastic Four Facebook 21 Day Challenge – which does exactly what I say above.  I bought several courses on building a business on Facebook.   I implemented what I learned and then shared the results I got.   Sometimes that would just be “I got a lead” – nothing fancy.   Then I taught what I did to get that result.  This attracted people to me rather than me chase them as they wanted to know how to get the result.  And many of them became leads!

So to sum up remember I do recommend building a list the more traditional way but by using the 21 Day Facebook Challenge I was able to recruit 25 people in a 30 day period.

Check out the challenge for yourself  CLICK HERE NOW


How to stop being overwhelmed in network marketing

I personally believe that overwhelm is a huge issue in the network marketing / home based business industry.  Your company and team most likely supply you with lots of training to ‘help’ you.  And I am sure that much of the training is excellent and they and you assume that with all this training you can’t go wrong and yet you do nothing – why?

Well I believe many people are overwhelmed .

But before I talk about that I do need to be a little in your face and say you may just be lazy, in denial about the effort you have really put in, you may lack the motivation you need to make a business like this work and you may be a get rich quick seeker – sorry doesn’t happen without work.

So now we have got that out of the way – there are lots if intelligent and motivated people out there that struggle and I feel for them.   I made a video about it actually

I believe that with so many ways to build a business online there is a real problem with people just not knowing where to start!

I used to think that if I “tried” 2, 3 or eve 4 marketing tactics at once I would find one that worked – and I see lots of people doing the same – makes sense right?  In actual fact it is far better to focus on one thing that you know works for other people.  If it works for them it has proven to be successful already – so therefore you can make it work too.

FOCUS is key

Follow One Course Until Successful

Once you have mastered one form of lead generation the next one becomes easier.   I hope the video above makes sense to you.  If you want to find out about the blueprint we have put together in the form of a 21 day challenge CLICK HERE NOW

List building for the clueless, terrified and new marketer

Having a list is one of the most important things a marketer can have and yet many don’t collect leads or even know where to start.

I am smart enough to get in on some great trainings and then share some of them with you – so watch,take notes and then grab the Instagram cheat sheet to find out how you can use it to drive more leads.  CLICK HERE FOR CHEAT SHEET





The MLM Merry Go round

I called this blog post the MLM Merry Go Round because I know a lot of people online and see this happening all the time.  People go from one company to the next – and in a few cases go right back where they started!  It is literally like betting on which Merry Go Round Horse to back – but they are all on the same Merry Go Round at the end of the day!

mlm merry go round paul turnerIn fact my very first sale in one of my companies joined, didn’t answer any of me welcome emails or offers of help to get into our team training site, did nothing as far as I know and cancelled after the first month.  A year and a half later I got a message pitching me on that company and I thought I recognised the name – sure enough it was my very first sale!   She had joined again under someone else and was trying to pitch me on the company I was already in!

Now I could go into lots of reasons why this happens and tell you to be all motivational and never to give up no matter what and achieve your dreams – but let’s face it even if you did that your team members aren’t going to are they!   And I haven’t even mentioned the companies that go out of business  – and if you don’t think that could happen to your company then think again.  Plenty of great companies have gone under for various reasons  – see http://www.mlmrankings.com/dropped_mlm_companies.asp

Also lets take a look at actual stats from any company that publishes them (most don’t for some reason!) and you see that most people don’t make enough money to cover the monthly membership / auto ship.

If people are not making money in their first 3 months they are gone – most likely to another opportunity!

So what do you do about it?

  1. Accept it is always going to happen so don’t worry about it
  2. Protect your income by having something that helps you, your prospects (even if they don’t join your business by way) and your team members  promote whatever business you are in at the time, but will be there as a constant.  By promoting I am talking about lead generation, guru strategies and value products to give away.

If you can see the value in something like that – and I guess you’d have to be pretty narrow minded not to at least check it out – then you may want to watch this short video to find out how – 

the real paul turner