$200 Forex Follow Along Copy and Paste Case Study 2018 Video Diary

Even experienced Forex traders love to see other people’s strategies and would like to see profitable trades so when a guy who has made 7 figures trading and has worked on wall street agrees to take on a challenge you know people take notice.

For new traders or people with no experience its especially exciting.

So I am going to share the results with you all and of course if you are a member of the company he is part of – iml – you can follow along.  I am going to keep a diary of what is going on so you can see for yourselves.

In fact this has been so popular they overloaded the first event and decided to make it public to kick things off – so you get to see the pairs he is looking at.  There are no trades called out in this video and any trades will be members only of course as you would expect – but follow along and see how this goes.

And of course you can check out the challenge terms and who Stephenson is and get started right here – click the button to see

the real paul turner