A complete marketing system for forex



I followed Marc Lalonde who made six figures using Twitter to generate targeted leads and sales for his network marketing business.  I believe what we have here is very duplicatable and I have set everything up so you can jump straight in.

I recommend you at least watch the free Twitter training course that Marc offers via Branding Youniversity called Twitter 1.0 – CLICK HERE to get it.  At the end he usually offers a discount on the full course which sells for $497 but DO NOT take that offer – best to get a Platinum membership for $77 a month – you can cancel anytime  – and you can get the full Twitter Lead Machine course as well as all of his other trainings – CLICK HERE to check out Platinum membership (there is also an affiliate program that will cover the cost with a couple of sales)

Twitter account

Set up a free Twitter account – call it something Forex related.  Here is mine to serve as an example – https://twitter.com/NinjasForex

Use this header  (right click and SAVE AS to get the file on your computer) or create your own using Canva.com

They have a template for Twitter banners in there so its already the right size and ready to go.

Finding content

You can get good relevant content by setting up an alert at  https://www.google.co.uk/alerts

Also and perhaps better is to use education, teasers, proof pics (pips only no cash) and content that is iml compliant


“last night Eric Garisson went through his trades for the week with us – eye opening how an 8 figure trader trades  – ask me for his strategy video”

The Pinned Tweet

You will want to have a pinned tweet – I like video and you are welcome to copy mine or use text if you really don’t want to be on video.  You can copy and paste my text from my Twitter page and if you want to download the video I recorded you can from my Google Drive here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p_N7-n8na6p1AK8UqkrAD82i1_7c049J/view?usp=sharing

Here is one Arnold did with Eric Garrison and this is the best one to use – here is the original so you can see it – I had to shorten the one you can download to work as a pinned tweet.

You can download the raw file to put on your pinned tweet if you wish to use it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fOzlrAVFk6EfPmp_Af1Yns2nIs0_WJdX/view?usp=sharing



The Link

I am using http://howtogrowwealth.com/simple-forex-strategy/?id=usernamegoueshere  – I use bitly.com to make the link shorter

You can also use Michael Martin’s system here https://freeforexstrategy.com/?userid=paulturner – be sure to add your own Aweber follow up series by clicking EDIT PROFILE top right and make sure you add your iml username one one of the bonus pages

Finding people involved with trading

Search in Twitter for these brokers and then you can follow their followers.  It is a great idea to use Status Brew as it allows you to ad so many filters.  Get a 60% discount on this software if you have Branding Youniversity’s Twitter Lead Machine Course – it sells for $497, is often on offer at $97 but you can get it free if you pay $77 to be a Platinum member of Branding Youniversity which also comes with many other great trainings.


Anyone who follows a Forex Broker is obviously interested in Forex – you will find thousands of people by working your way through that list.  You will see in their followers other Forex related companies and services – you can also go and check their followers out, and their followers etc.  It is unlikely you will run out of people to follow.

If you follow them a percentage will follow you back and this is how they get to see our banner and pinned tweet offering Eric’s strategy.  Soon you will see a no threatening way of reaching out to these people via direct messaging.

Following and Unfollowing

Twitter has a ratio set of how many people you can follow and how many can follow you back – this is explained in the Twitter 1.0 course mentioned above.  Ultimately it means you need to unfollow those people who don’t follow you back after say 5 days.   Status Brew software makes this easy but you can do it manually.  Again please at least watch the free Twitter 1.0 training to get an understanding of this.

Direct Messaging

Known as a DM you will want to message everybody that follows you.  I am working on a generic one we can all use but my current thinking is just say hi, tell them you hope their trading is going well and invite them to your / our free FB group – and what did they think to Eric’s strategy vid. How about this –

Hi (use their name),

Thanks for the follow – I really appreciate it.  My following is mostly Forex related – if thats you then as a way of saying hello I share a free strategy in my pinned tweet.  Here is some more info on it for you -(use this link with you user name on but use a link shortener like bitly.com) http://howtogrowwealth.com/bb-vid/?id=putyourusernamehere.

So it looks like this –

Hi Glenn
Thanks for the follow – I really appreciate it.  My following is mostly Forex related – if thats you then as a way of saying hello I share a free strategy in my pinned tweet.  Here is some more info on it for you –https://bit.ly/2AElsEd.

Leads Leads Leads and Follow Up

This system will provide you with leads pretty much everyday – but its useless unless you follow up with them.  Keep a list and send them updates as they come in