Facebook marketing for iml



The ad I use – see it by CLICKING HERE

You need a Facebook business page to put the ad on – if you are not sure how then Google it – its completely free

If you don’t want to be on video then use an image as an ad but video views are the cheapest way to advertise on FB as I show in the video above.

You could also use the video I had made for you which appears on the Twitter marketing system – see that page and where to download the video here http://therealpaulturner.com/a-complete-marketing-system-for-forex/ but I strongly recommend you record your own video


You are best to use business.facebook.com – this is really not a Facebook ad training – so please Google this or get a FB training course.  You can use an existing post as I do.

Here is one I found on Youtube that is pretty good –


As you see I ask for engagement by telling people to like the video and put a 1 in the comments.  When they reply you can either send them the info manually or use an auto reply service.  Contacting them manually is probably best but of course more time consuming and you have to sleep sometimes right.

The link – https://freeforexstrategy.com/?userid=paulturner  – once inside you set up your autoresponder link ( I recommend Aweber) by going to EDIT PROFILE top right and also be sure to add your iml username as per the video above.

You could also use this dedicated iml system – CLICK HERE TO SEE


What do I use for the auto reply – www.inboxr.com

The follow up can be done by autoresponder – but not everyone will give their email, so we can also use Inboxr to send a sequence – I am just adding this at the time of writing this – see the overview vid above.

You can optin to my email follow up as it is still a work in progress and copy but its good to share testimonials of which there are many, and info on Power Trades for example, the Scanner etc

You can also send people the link I set up for Twitter, and use this page for the Twitter follow up too as part of a follow up sequence.


Automation is cool but having real conversations with people is great too and can get you good results. If you can make the time and get out of your comfort zone to engage with a few people by asking what they thought to the strategy, how long they have been trading etc.  Just think, if you did this until you got 12 people using the tools Eric himself uses – an 8 figure trader then you are Platinum 600 on $600 a month.  Maybe you only want to get your monthly service for free – this can speed up the process.


Luck is good but if you consistently get leads and follow up sales will come.  First step is to get an ad that produces leads – once this works move on to tweaking your follow up.