Gary V flip challenge

/So many people out there are struggling – so I wanted to help people come up with cash to be able to enable them to be able to invest.

This has all been inspired by the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community, and a program called Under Cover Billionaire where to prove it’s not luck a billionaire goes undercover to a different place where he no connections with just $100 in his pocket to create a million $$ business in 90 days.

You can see more about what I am doing to help people retire in a year on this page – CLICK HERE, but for now enjoy watching some Gary V videos where he shows how anyone can come up with cash with a very simple method

THE PROBLEM WITH THIS?  Without passive income you will never be free.  But its great to give you some money to invest.

See Gary in action —

Best Apps for Pricing Items (just search for them in your app store

Flipping or reselling secondhand items for profit can be a fun hobby or a lucrative business. What helps it transition from the former to the latter is preparation – doing your homework to figure out which items are valuable and worth the investment.

Knowing how much you can make on a item is something that once took a series of trials and errors to figure out. Now it’s as easy as a few clicks. Check out the following apps that let you quickly check pricing info, list sales online, and check sales performance.

Profit Bandit bills itself as “The #1 mobile scanning app for Amazon sellers” with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The app offers barcode scanning and profit calculations based on 15 factors, as well as “Intelligent Repricing,” which aims to keep track of your competition and maximize profit on every sale. It is available on iPhone and Android for a one-time fee.

TeraPeak is a robust pricing and sales app for Amazon and eBay. The app gives you pricing info, benchmark data and sales analytics for both Amazon and eBay. The analytics, which give you the ability to track sales and measure performance across multiple channels, seem to be a major advantage of the app. The app is available on iPhone and Android, and you are charged a monthly service fee.

ScanPower is a selling app with a simple premise: “Source. List. Sell.” The app offers tools for price scanning, listing, repricing and evaluating new products. The app is available on iPhone and Android. Services are a la carte, meaning that you can pick and choose which services you want to add on to your package.

iBookSeller is a mobile pricing and scanning app for selling books only. You can scan the ISBN or UPC number of any book and get important pricing and sales info from Amazon Marketplace. The app is available for a one-time fee, on iPhone only.

SellerMobile is a third-party app that aims to provide much of the functionality found on Amazon Seller Central. In addition to barcode scanning, the app offers Amazon FBA order listing and inventory management. It is currently available for a one-time fee on iPhone only with pending availability on Android.

In response to all the third-party seller apps, Amazon recently rolled out their own app called Amazon Seller. The app offers pricing and selling functionality, with an ability to calculate your profit, minus any applicable Amazon fees. The big advantage is that the app is free. However, some publications have noted that Amazon Seller does not yet provide as much functionality as other third-party apps offer. It remains to be seen whether Amazon’s free app will deliver better service, or whether it will remain free in the future.