My take on health

Recently I lost an old school friend to cancer, one of my wife’s friends had to have surgery, a colleague is undergoing treatment and I could go on.   All this prompted me to lose weight and get healthy.   There are some no doubt amazing health related ideas out there – but one thing that everyone in the health space agrees on is that eating fruit and veg is essential – problem is can you honestly say you eat enough and get a good variety.

We tend to judge ourselves on our intentions (and others on their actions) so meaning to eat them and knowing we should makes us feel good – but can you honestly look at your actions and say you are eating right.

Most people don’t and that’s why I started taking these whole foods – they come from a 25 year old company with tons of scientific research – all independent to prove they actually work.

So I am leaving the fad diets and latest craze behind to stick with real food – here is what happens when you eat them.

What happens when you eat this whole food for 4 months? (based on 30+ Science & Research Journals)

Immediate: Reduces the immediate impact of a high-fat meal by 40-50%.

In 7 Days: Increase in key antioxidant, Decrease in Lipid Peroxides

In 14 Days: Increase in micronutrients, Showed reduction in blood oxidative stress under acute eccentric exercise

In 28 Days: Significant increase in blood plasma levels of key antioxidants, Significant increase in Plasma vitamin C, b-carotene, lycopene & lutein.

In 42 Days: Significant increase in blood levels of the key antioxidants, Increased resistance to LDL cholesterol oxidation.

In 80 Days: Increase in folate levels, Significant increase in selenium levels, Decrease in systolic & diastolic blood pressure, Improvement in large artery compliance, 20% reduction in cold & flu symptoms

It’s amazing what adding the right things to your diet can do.