My Unfair Advantage Review

ClickHereToLearnMoreWell today I got my hands on this product – its called My Unfair Advantage by Omar and Melinda Martin.  Why did I buy it?
One Omar and Melinda run a 7 figure business so I know they have some great stuff to share and

Two – they do!

They provide all of the tools you need as well as the training to really give you the unfair advantage when it comes to online marketing but also they hold a weekly webinar.   You get access to this for LIFE even though payment for the product is either by a one off payment or a smaller monthly payment for 12 months.   All of the webinars are archived too so you get access going back to 2011 believe it or not.

The disadvantage with this product is there is too much there – they would be better to space it out and drip feed it to people however people like me want everything available for when they want it – so they have to include it all.  I know some people who buy it won’t go through it all – but I guess its better to have too much than too little.

If you are interested then you need to act quickly unfortunately as they only open this up for 3 days at a time!