SEO – or search engine optimization – found me.  I have always been a bit geeky and this led me to building a few websites of my own  – but a website is not good without any traffic going to it.

The process of getting found in the search engines is called SEO and although I say it myself I was pretty good at it!  Then came the dark days!

Google went on a massive period of change which led many SEO companies to go out of business.  It is a testament to the way we do things that we were less effected than most and we had to figure out what Google wanted again – there is no manual you see.

So once again I am on top of the SEO game as this image shows!  If you are looking to increase business then the web is a critical element.  If you would like a no obligation chat then by all means get in touch – 0845 3409234 is the best number to get me on for SEO enquiries

paul turner SEO grantham