Speed Recruiting by Darren Little Review

So I finally got my hands on a copy of Speed Recruiting by Darren Little.  Why did I grab this as soon as it came out?  Because I have worked with Darren and his training took my business to a whole other level.

You see if you are in a network marketing business, MLM, affiliate business or any kind of business where you need to recruit people then you will find this training INVALUABLE – plus there is a way you can get your copy funded by Darren – more on that later.

Speed Recruiting Video Review

So my story goes like this.  I joined a network marketing company and thought I was going to the be the next big thing as I came from a sales background – uh oh – that actually works against you as you will learn when you buy this course! In a nutshell I failed miserably and had egg on my face – that will teach me to boast!

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A few years later I still had the bug and joined another company.  This time I was a little more humble and really applied the training.  This time around I did much better – recruiting an average of 1 person per week – maybe recruiting nobody for a few weeks and then a few at once  – a track record many people would be proud to have!.

It was through this business I met Darren Little.  I followed him around and he gives amazing value – I suggest you follow him on Facebook if you don’t already – see his profile here.

So I was chatting to Darren one day and he gave me some golden nuggets and my recruiting doubled to 2 per wekk – but only for a short time – for maybe 2 weeks – because then guess what happened  –


Hows that for Speed Recruiting!

So now you want to know how I did it – right?

I simply applied what Darren taught and in fact I did all of these sales from social media just chatting to people – ie FREE methods.

One of the most important things to understand is that pitching just does not work – and that is what most people do.

Darren taught me how NOT to sell to make SALES.  In many cases the chats I had were very short as the vehicle that actually sells for you has to be something or someone other than you.

In a nutshell the key to recruiting people is to be able to identity a problem, need or desire in a person and point them to a resource that can help them.

So what do you get when you buy Speed Recruiting?  (ps it’s only $47)

You get a surprise bonus which is pretty cool – won’t spoil it but it helps you market your business.But the main product is a video presentation which is over 2 hours long.

Here is a downside to the product – I think he would have been better to make a few videos to chunk it down for people rather that 1 long video as there is a lot of information to take in.  That said – you have the control to pause it whenever you like.

I suggest you watch it through without making any notes first of all, and then watch a bit at a time and take notes as you go.  Most importantly put it into practice like I did I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t get similar results.

Some of what you will learn is here – (this is taken straight from the sales page)

Here’s What You Get With Speed Recruiting:
  • “Why People Fail in MLM”
  • “How To Never Get Rejected EVER AGAIN!”
  • “How To Get Everyone to SAY YES to Your Offer”
  • “Why Target Marketing Will Make You RICH”
  • “How To Get Endless Leads Using Social Media”
  • “My Personal Secret to a $10,000 Income in 30 days” 
  • “How To Build Rapport In 5 MINUTES Or Less”
  • “How To Get Your Phone Ringing With INCOMING CALLS”
  • “How To Tap Into The NO FEAR ZONE”
  • “The Secret To Having a Successful Advertising Campaign”
  • “How To Be Branded and Positioned as a Leader INSTANTLY”

So you know how it worked for me, you know how the information is presented and the only minor issue I have with it, and a list of what you are going to learn – so I guess you are good to go – here is the link – enjoy – CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW

What?  Oh yeah – how to get Darren to fund your copy of Speed Recruiting.  Well when you buy the product there is a link on the back office where you can get an affiliate link and make a 50% commission when you recommend the product to somebody and they buy – I am thinking of your mlm downline here!  Think how much it will help them and in mlm that is good for you too.

To be clear – 2 sales and you have made your money back!  Awesome