Because I like free wine I joined but found so much more

Hi my name is Paul and that’s me on stage being recognised for hitting a major rank in my company.

I already have a couple of income streams and wasn’t looking for another one but I do like wine and saw the opportunity to get free wine with Wine Ambassador with just three referrals.

Once I got involved though it was obvious to see there is a lot more potential here rather than just free wine.   The back office is amazing.  What’s not to like  –

  • Ready made lead capture pages
  • Ready made follow up
  • Free leads!!
  • Regular training
  • Support community
  • 2 year old established company
  • About to launch into around 40 countries!

I was lucky enough to get on a call with Brett Hudson one of the owners and I hate to be that guy that says “I spoke to the owner and I can tell you this company is going places” but it happen to be true in my humble opinion.

So looks like I am getting into the wine business with a view to help people get great wine, get if for free if they wish and also maybe make a great income along the way whilst having fun at the same time.

Now back to the picture above.  I know how to build a business online and I always share with my direct business builders.   You can ready some of my testimonials here –  TESTIMONIALS

So if you are interested you need to check out Wine Ambassador – click the logo below to watch Brett’s webinar and then (and only then) sign up to get started.  If you have questions you can contact me via my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/realpaulturner