10 Traits of Successful People And How NLP Can Help

By | September 5, 2023

I made this video going over the 10 traits of successful people. I thought the research was fascinating.

Successful people have the following traits and my passion is helping people do more with Neuro Linguistic Programming.  NLP turned my life around.  I will always say how great it is.

1. Visionary: Successful entrepreneurs often have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. They set long-term goals and create strategic plans to reach them.

  • NLP Enhancement: By using visualization techniques, an NLP practitioner can guide individuals to create a more vivid and tangible vision for their future. “Well-Formed Outcome” structures further help to refine these visions to ensure they’re achievable and aligned with the individual’s values.

2. Resilient: They’re able to bounce back from setbacks and failures without losing enthusiasm. Their resilience allows them to keep pushing forward despite challenges.

  • NLP Enhancement: Reframing techniques allow individuals to shift their perspectives on setbacks, viewing them as learning opportunities. Anchoring can also establish a stable emotional state, fostering resilience during challenging times.

3. Decisive: Decision-making is crucial in business. Successful businesspeople are decisive and confident in their decisions.

  • NLP Enhancement: Through anchoring and state elicitation, individuals can tap into states of high confidence and clarity, fostering swifter and more assured decision-making.

4. Adaptable: The business world is dynamic. The ability to adapt to changes is essential.

  • NLP Enhancement: Using the “Perceptual Positions” technique, NLP can aid individuals in viewing situations from multiple perspectives, promoting adaptability and fostering a more agile mindset.

5. Risk-Taking: Successful entrepreneurs take calculated risks.

  • NLP Enhancement: NLP’s calibration skills train individuals to read situations more accurately, aiding in discerning between calculated risks and reckless decisions.

6. Tenacious: Persistence and determination are key.

  • NLP Enhancement: Motivational strategies, such as the “Swish Pattern,” can instill a deeper drive and determination, ensuring persistent pursuit of goals.

7. Lifelong Learners: Learning is continuous for successful entrepreneurs.

  • NLP Enhancement: The “Meta Model” questions in NLP can deepen understanding and curiosity, promoting a love for continuous learning and exploration.

8. Strong Networking Skills: Building relationships is crucial.

  • NLP Enhancement: NLP’s rapport-building techniques help in quickly establishing trust and connection, enhancing networking abilities.

9. Ethical and Integrity-Driven: Trustworthiness is paramount.

  • NLP Enhancement: Through values elicitation, NLP practitioners can assist individuals in aligning their actions with their core ethical beliefs, ensuring genuine integrity in all dealings.

10. Effective Communicators: Clear and persuasive communication is a must.

  • NLP Enhancement: By studying and applying the “Milton Model,” individuals can improve their persuasive communication skills, ensuring their messages resonate and influence effectively.