What does “stopping 3 feet from gold” actually mean

By | October 5, 2015

If you haven’t heard the expression “3 feet from gold” and don’t know what it means perhaps I should explain.  It is a great book which you can read about here at Amazon.

The actual expression though refers to the fact that –

people often give up on the verge of success

You can watch my video on it here –

So let me continue with a couple more points.

Firstly people in the network marketing industry in particular are not taught that it takes TIME to build trust with a prospect.  As I say in my 3 feet from gold video people generally don’t just jump into a home based business – its actually a big deal or should be for most people.

When was the last time you jumped in to a big decision.  Not too often I am sure.  So if you realize this then you lose some of the urgency – you see some people come into the industry thinking they can make a big income quickly – in actual fact this while this CAN happen it often doesn’t happen – this is a business and whilst you can shortcut the process by learning how to build rapport and engage with people – we have a great video on that in our Fantastic Facebook Four 21 Day Challenge.

Secondly I want to point out that most people take time ti learn how to build that trust and rapport.  So for a typical network marketer learning those techniques for the first time they start month 1 with great intentions – this month is mainly learning.

Month 2 they are starting to build those relationships BUT this can take more than a month

Month 3 they look at their results and quit!  Sometimes the excitement has worn off too and there are no sales!  But if they forget the first month may have been wasted.  They forget they are building the pipeline.  They forget that they are 3 feet from gold!

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