5 Day Forex Success Guide Day 4

So far we have got you set up and have a very basic way to make trades using very simple support, resistance and tend lines.  Although people do trade like this you will find results can be a little hit and miss so today we are going to show some useful “indicators” that can really help you make a decision.  Tomorrow we are going to share a way to trade that has an independently verified 89% success rate (I don’t know about you but I like to trade with the probability in our favour).   Also how to really tip the odds and introduce to you the greatest resource that enabled me to get great results in Forex trading.

Also I may have another gift for you at the end of this video

Bollinger bands – price will want to return the centre line – the further out the candles venture into the Bollinger bands the more it will want to return to the centre.

Relative strength index – RSI – shows whether the currency is overbought or oversold in any given time frame.

Stochastic – shows momentum in the currency pair – look for the lines to cross

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