By | September 19, 2014
THIS IS FOR YOU.  Taken straight from our mentor
Before I spill the beans on what could very well be the biggest and baddest product launch I’ve ever been a part of…
I will tell you in advance that this is
So if you had your hopes up that I was launching a new MLM product….sorry. I apologize. I’m not.
The GOOD NEWS is….
This is 100 times better.  And on Monday, September 22nd at 6 PM PST, I’m about to open up the door to a whole new level of cash flow for you and your family…
This is specifically designed for Corporate Sales Executives that want to create true walk away incomes.
I’m talking about STABLE incomes that you can count on month after month. 
After 25 years in business I’m about to roll-out what could very well be the most profitable product launch that you and I are ever part of together…
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Imagine having an income that only GROWS over time and that YOU CAN DECIDE how big you want it to get by the effort you put in – in a compressed period of time. 
Many people will work part time with this new product launch and create $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month, $50,000 a month or even more just from a few accounts that will continue to pay month after month and year after year. 
We will be going after a VERY SPECIFIC target market in the U.S. and once the infrastructure is set up, you will be able to go away on vacation for a few months and still come back to the same income you left two months earlier.
I’m talking about true walk away residual income that we have all dreamed about when we got started in the MLM model. 
But the MLM market has really shifted in North America in a big way. I’m talking industry wide.  People jump from one shiny ball to the next and the attrition factor in North America over the past 5 years has gone completely through the roof.
Why is that? Because people are looking for instant gratification. 
In case you didn’t know…
The average life span of a new rep in the North America with the conventional MLM model, is 90 days or less. 
Residual income is an amazing concept, but because people don’t last long enough to actually launch a real business, they have already in essence quit before they even get started.
And since the MLM model is quite different than conventional selling, it makes it even more frustrating for people that are really good in sales to ever get traction or duplication with the MLM business model. 
Very few people are able to build up a large enough team that is expanding faster than the attrition factor.
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and be one of the very first people to find out about about this exciting new product launch.  
Like I said this will NOT BE MLM. 
This Monday, September 22nd, at 
6 PM PST, I will be announcing a new product that will create long term residual income for you and your family, WITHOUT being attached in any way to the MLM industry. 
This exciting new product launch will be specifically designed for Corporate Sales Executives that want to go to the next level in their lives.
It’s the best of both worlds really.  I mean let’s face it, if you are good in Corporate Sales, you can pretty much sell anything to anyone and close accounts any day of the week.  
But in most cases, those are one time commissions and you still have the challenge of creating recurring stable cash flow that comes in month after month for you and your family. 
Am I right? 
Coming from Corporate Sales myself, that was one of the biggest challenges I found.  It wasn’t about what you did last month, it was always about what you did TODAY. 
But tomorrow is the same and the day after is the same and the day after and the day after and it never seems to end. 
and find out how this new product launch will create long term STABLE INCOME for you and your family.
Accounts that you close this month will continue to keep paying you next month, the month after, and the month after that. 
All I know is…
In over 25 years in business, this got my attention enough for me to put all of my other projects on hold and take this on FULL TIME.
No joke. 
I’m putting all of my other projects on hold to pursue this new launch on a full-time basis. 
And for me to say that, IT HAS TO BE BIG. 
See you on Monday Night’s Call!
To Your Massive Success,