Frank Calabro Jr A How I Accidentally Made a Million Bucks

By | June 9, 2023

“How I Accidentally Made a Million Bucks | Frank Calabro Jr” is about the author’s journey in internet marketing and how he transitioned from a traditional business to the online world. Frank Calabro Jr. discusses his early struggles, including spending thousands of dollars on training and courses, and how he found success through a platform called Power Lead System.


He talks about the challenges of teaching others how to set up landing pages, build blogs, do SEO, and set up YouTube channels. He mentions a new technology called the “sales funnel duplicator” or “share funnel technology” that allowed him to quickly and easily build marketing systems and generate leads for his business. This technology helped him start making a thousand dollars a month, and by December of that year, he had made his first ten thousand dollars a month from the internet.

Calabro Jr. claims to have made $10,000 a month on the internet after watching a training video, and then went on to make $30,000 a month and eventually $300,000 a week by listening to a small group of successful internet marketers. He emphasizes the importance of listening to the right people and avoiding the mistake of listening to the wrong people.

He also talks about a window of opportunity where he made between $50,000 to $75,000 a month, with some months earning him hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars. He attributes his success to implementing the Sharefall technology they learned from a video training, which accidentally led him to make a million dollars from an affiliate offer.

He recommends a new compensation plan called Perpetual Leverage as the most powerful in the world and invites anyone with knowledge of something more powerful to send it to him. He encourages viewers to click on a link in the description to learn how to do the same. He emphasizes the importance of having a mentor and surrounding oneself with successful people.

Towards the end, he suggests that what was once considered a lot of money, such as $30,000, is now insignificant compared to $100 million. He encourages readers to pursue their dreams and do something great while they are alive.

The video was published on June 8, 2023