Cold Market Recruiting

By | September 24, 2015

So in many network marketing companies they talk about writing a list of everybody you know – this is know as your warm market.  But the real magic is in cold market recruiting recruiting.

Why?  Well you –

  • never run out of people
  • never annoy your friends / family / colleagues (I actually have a cool twist on how to get friends and family in – see below)
  • sell more
  • help your team sell more

I am a great believer in learning, implementing and then teaching – but here is one of the direct sources I learned this all from and I cannot do better than this presentation so please enjoy – take notes and put it into action.

Oh before I forget – my tip to get friends and family in to your business – it works really well with any recruiting method like the video above



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Thanks for the share- appreciate ya!.  So here is how to get to your warm market.

Write your list of friends / family and colleagues and IF AND ONLY IF there is someone you know for sure will be interested go and speak to them – that’s the low hanging fruit!  In most cases though they are not like that – so take your list and put it in a draw – don’t get it out until . . . . .

You have some results!  For example our 21 Day Facebook Challenge is getting great results and bringing us lots of great testimonials – see it HERE 

So grab your warm market list and go to them with a result!  Say this

“Hey Bob – I have never come to you with anything like this before – but I saw this and tried it  – and look at my result.   Seeing as it is working I thought of you.  If you ever want to know more about it please ask and I will be happy to share.  Meanwhile – what have you got planned for the weekend?”

If they are interested they will ask you!  If not they will tell you what they are doing at the weekend and you are not left with an awkward situation.

Hope you liked that and got value.