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Elite Shirt Profits video review –

If you are into online marketing then I am sure you have heard about people selling t-shirts online using a service like TeeSpring.  I must confess I was curious but it seemed to me there would be a few issues –

  • Comparatively low profits
  • Difficulty in getting my t shirts in front of the right people
  • Where to get designs produced
  • The difficulty in choosing designs that will sell . . .and so on

As my curiosity got the better of me I bought an ebook to see how the business worked but there weren’t any real examples of how to do it – just theory and nothing I really couldn’t have worked out myself from looking at TeeSpring.

After hearing so many more stories about people making fortunes selling t shirts I decided to look at a course which was recommended to me by a trusted source.  The name of the course is Elite Shirt Profits and this is a complete revelation into this business model.

Why is this different to the other courses?

First of all it is a video course – you actually see then course creator and top t-shirt seller Curtis Dawson share his screen as he logs into his accounts.  That means you see for yourself his ad copy, you see the profit he is making and even his best-selling campaigns.

In fact the author Curtis Dawson literally shows his screen as he  –

  • Finds top selling designs so he knows what is likely to sell BEFORE paying a design using a website you most likely don’t know exists
  • Finds a target group of PASSIONATE buyers – not people who may be interested in the topic.
  • shares what is the best-selling color and style of shirt
  • Works out how much to charge
  • Writes his proven sales copy – he even allows you to legally steal his exact wording! This is worth the cost of the course alone
  • How to get additional free traffic to your offers
  • Uses some advanced analytics to scale up your campaigns and more importantly your profits

So what do you get for your money?

There are 5 modules all on video and then a resources section with some text.  But the 5 modules are where you get to learn the t-shirt business inside out – again I stress these are all video lessons and you get to see a REAL business running.

Module 1 – how to select a niche and build a Facebook fan page to make your sales from

Module 2 – how to choose design that is likely to sell and where to get it made for as little as free

Module 3 – how to set up your Facebook ads

Module 4 – how to use analytics to scale up your business

Module 5 – advanced targeting strategies – this module is worth the cost of the course alone as it shows you how to find passionate potential customers  – not just interested people – passionate people – they tend to buy more shirts!

The only real problem with the product is I would like to have a transcript of the videos as I like to read but in this case that would be difficult.  The Power Point slides are made available though which is cool.

To sum up compared to the other course I bought this is a true professional course where nothing is left out and the fact it is all video based is great – in fact I got my first campaign set up in about 1 hour after going through the training.

Check out the product for yourself HERE

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