Forex Experiment 27th September 2019 – a slow day!

By | September 27, 2019

Well we traded again as usual but today was a slow day.  This is not uncommon but its always a pain when it happens – but sometimes there is a reason.

Today is Friday and the Forex markets close down today for the weekend.  That means I personally don’t like to trade after lunch time and want any trades to be closed.  You see banks and traders will be closing out their positions.

Why don’t we carry trades over the weekend?

Although some traders do we don’t recommend it.  You see if there is news that affects the market you have no way of closing out the trade and any stop loss (an automatic way of the trade closing if it goes too far the wrong way) have no effect.

That means you are vulnerable and we do not gamble – we only take high probability trades!

So it was a slow day – but did our members make profit?  Let’s look at the chat . . . and then get involved!