Home based business vehicle reversing – are you one?

By | June 27, 2016

As I waled to the cafe I sometimes work at this morning I passed the supermarket that was taking in a delivery. I don’t know if its a global thing but trucks and lorries here often announce “Vehicle Reversing” and it made me thing of some of the people I have worked with in the past.


They tell my they are going to get stuck in and can’t wait to start and promise me they are one to watch as they are ready and never give up until they successful.

Then it goes quiet. I have even had 2 people join me in different businesses tell me how many people they can introduce that they can’t fail – then the NEXT DAY – yes the NEXT DAY said they didn’t have time and quit. They hadn’t even gone through the training.

Usually its not that quick of course. It can take a week or 2 – or even a month or 2 – but some people just seem to like to find a reason to stop themselves.

They become a “vehicle reversing” and announce to the world of course that it is not their fault. They don’t have time, they suddenly got ill, they found something “better”, they tell me that NOBODY wants to join when I can show them the numbers coming in prove that plenty of people join.

This is a normal part of our human behaviour – we are programmed this way I guess and it sucks. But if you are aware of it you can break through that process and decide not to reverse – but push forward even harder and stop the process – I promise you it is worth it.

So how do you do that? You do some kind of personal development everyday – there are books, Youtube videos, plenty of training courses and the business opportunities I like to promote usually have some self development built in as I know how important it was to my break through in terms of attracting not only great team members but also great business partners like Eric Green.

Not to say you will do that same or to brag but to let you know what is possible once you push forward we are currently sitting on $46,000 which w accomplished in 8 weeks.

Message me if you want more info on how I broke through and what we do to get results like this

But most of all – don’t be a vehicle reversing – be a juggernaut to success!

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