How To Get More Subscribers To Your Youtube Channel

By | May 24, 2023

Hey, I found this great video on how to get more subscribers on YouTube and it’s so good I wanted to share it with you.  I suggest you subscribe to Robert’s channel and while you are there why not subscribe to me as well. I have started pumping out value-based vids – CLICK HERE FOR MY CHANNEL

The video titled “If You’re a TINY YouTube Channel.. DO THIS TO GET MORE SUBSCRIBERS FAST in 2023” provides five tips for small YouTube channels to convert views into subscribers. The presenter guarantees that these strategies will result in more subscribers within a week. Here are the key points:

  1. Auto subscribe link: Add an auto-subscribe link to the channel’s URL in video descriptions and pinned comments.
  2. Community posts: Include a link to the channel in community posts and actively ask viewers to subscribe.
  3. Shorts content: Create shorts content that reacts to popular topics or current events. This can attract a wide range of viewers.
  4. Non-verbal communication: Show your hands in videos to increase retention and views. Respond to every comment on your videos to build a community and increase watch time.
  5. Engagement: Build a stronger bond with your audience by having something in common with them, like an inside joke. This can lead to higher engagement and growth in the long term.

The presenter also discusses the importance of selling products during sponsorships to ensure continued payment from brands, especially during a recession. To increase views and watch time, creators should deliver on their promises, loop their videos, and increase the pace of their content.

The video also promotes a YouTube shorts mentorship program that guarantees growth in 30 days through personalized plans and content critiques, with a money-back guarantee if the subscriber does not see growth within this period.

The video was published on November 4, 2022, and as of the time of your request, it has garnered 442,548 views, 18,811 likes, and 3,302 comments.