How to recruit 25 people in one month and have nothing to show for it!

By | June 26, 2015

I still remember the thrill of looking at my sales chart and proudly writing up 25 as the total for the end of the month.  In fact most of those 25 team members actually came in during a 12 day period where I could seem to do no wrong.   So how come a few months later there was nothing to show for it?

OK so let me start at the beginning; tell you how I made those sales as I am sure you want to know and how I ended up with nothing.

So I joined a network marketing company and was doing OK – in fact I was taking on a new team member every week – sometimes nothing for 3 or 4 weeks and then I would get a flurry.  In time this would have been good but I had team members dropping out going for the next shiny object.

If you can’t get people in the money in the first 2 or 3 months then they are GONE!

working at hotel penzance1So I knew I needed a way system – something that I could give my team members to help them recruit – after all everybody wants to make good money in network marketing – correct?

Long story short I got 2 things – a mentor and a system.  The first month of working with my mentor and system I doubled my recruiting rate to 2 people per month and then the second month is when I did my 25!

I made the decision then to focus on helping my team – with the business I was in I would get pass ups – I did the sums and thought I was set for life!

The third month by the way I still recruited 12 people – mostly from the momentum I had from the big month.  It’s good to get a result you can share  – until then just use your groups performance to leverage yourself.

So I had my 25 people that had got in to use the system – and so I gave it to them.  And you know what?  Many of them didn’t even apply 1 part of the training – they never even started!

Many did some but didn’t get instant results and so said it didn’t work – hello – they joined me because of the system so they knew it worked!!!

And some went off to the next shiny object, telling me how big it was going to be.  I still see them today jumping from one program to another.

Ultimately the owner of the business I was promoting died and so it all just ground to a halt.  Think it will never happen toy your business?  Sorry to tell you most businesses don’t last for one reason or another – so be careful to brand yourself – one thing’s for sure things change very quickly in the MLM world.

I got sick and tired of the industry

I went back to the way I got out of the rat race and worked on my search engine optimization business.  I do work for clients helping them promote their businesses online – it can be rewarding but I still wanted to be free from even have to deal with clients.

So what ideally I wanted was something that could help people grow their MLM but was not an MLM – something that if I had promoted before I would still have most if not all of my team in place – why ?  Because why would you stop something that brought in leads for your primary business and made you a secondary income.

I won’t make the same mistakes again and I am happy to share the new system with you – but I only want you to look IF you are prepared to put it into action, be happy to make a secondary income and build your primary business too.