MLM Lead Generation – 8 ways to find network marketing leads

By | October 12, 2015

paul turner points to free mlm leadsFor many people in network marketing lead generation is harder than they first think.  So then they get to work on learning some strategies, maybe trying some things that generally don’t work like mlm software and then they start to crack it and all of a sudden it seems easy.

Here are some of my favorite methods for free mlm leads – I do some more than others at various times but the first 4 are really my core strategies that I aim to do daily.

1 Blogging – your blog can be a network marketing lead gem!  Here is how.  First of all some basic keyword research will give you some keywords that get searches in Google.  You then write so me blog posts around those keywords as long as they are about things your target audience would be interested in.  For example, if you are in a health and wellness mlm then you will blog about things that your target customers are interested in and then mention your product in the post.

You blog acts as your “hub” where you can keep all of your useful information.

2 Facebook Groups – one of the reasons I love FB is the fact that people with similar interests flock together in groups.  So you can easily pick some free mlm leads from these places.  You need to know how to connect with people to make this work – whether you use paid ads or just chatting.  See this FREE Facebook training for help  – CLICK HERE

3 Facebook Fan Pages – same as groups really.  Lets suppose you target business people  – you can go to Richard Branson’s fan page and see the followers of that page.  You have a travel mlm? – maybe you want to follow a travel companies fan page and engage with their followers if you can maybe do a better deal for them.  You get the idea.  This is one of the things we teach in our 21 Day Facebook Challenge

4 Twitter – again easy to find people with the interests you want to target – and a great source of free network marketing leads.  If you want to know what we do to get in front of up to 950 targeted leads per day then you may want to check out the Titanic Twitter Challenge

5 Video – I love video – not only can you post your video to you tube you can also do it to your blog.  People tend to buy from people and not companies so video helps them get to know you and see the value you offer quicker.  I know a lot of people are scared of this but it is so worth the effort.

If you got value out of the ideas above and would like to see the remaining three on the list please give me a social share!


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6 Forums – here we are back to finding lots of people with an interest in what we do in once place.  Also very often you can find out their common concerns and write blog posts to match and offer the right product or service.   I never used to get involved but that was a big mistake I made and I am now getting into more forums – they are easy to find too – just go to Google and search for the your niche plus the word forum – for example “mlm forum”

7 Instagram – I am heavily into Facebook, so don’t so so much on Instagram to generate network marketing leads however I have tried it and got results  – if you want to try it for your business then here is a useful cheat sheet for free – CLICK HERE

8 Solo ads – if you want to get leads quickly and have a budget then this is perhaps the fastest way mlm lead generation system there is.  It is also scalable – the thing you need to remember though is you need to build a relationship with your list.  Again I recommend video here and blogging.  Be sure to pick a reputable dealer – ask for testimonials first!



There are of course other ways to generate leads for your network marketing business but these have all worked for me.  My most productive has been Facebook networking and me and some of my team developed this into the Fantastic Four Facebook Challenge – this is a team training but you can get your hands on it for just $35.  Check out the page and see the testimonials – CLICK HERE

There is no reason for anyone to be stuck for mlm lead generation these days but it can take a little practice – its like anything else – so dive in and get some free network marketing prospects today.