The MLM Merry Go round

By | July 15, 2015

I called this blog post the MLM Merry Go Round because I know a lot of people online and see this happening all the time.  People go from one company to the next – and in a few cases go right back where they started!  It is literally like betting on which Merry Go Round Horse to back – but they are all on the same Merry Go Round at the end of the day!

mlm merry go round paul turnerIn fact my very first sale in one of my companies joined, didn’t answer any of me welcome emails or offers of help to get into our team training site, did nothing as far as I know and cancelled after the first month.  A year and a half later I got a message pitching me on that company and I thought I recognised the name – sure enough it was my very first sale!   She had joined again under someone else and was trying to pitch me on the company I was already in!

Now I could go into lots of reasons why this happens and tell you to be all motivational and never to give up no matter what and achieve your dreams – but let’s face it even if you did that your team members aren’t going to are they!   And I haven’t even mentioned the companies that go out of business  – and if you don’t think that could happen to your company then think again.  Plenty of great companies have gone under for various reasons  – see

Also lets take a look at actual stats from any company that publishes them (most don’t for some reason!) and you see that most people don’t make enough money to cover the monthly membership / auto ship.

If people are not making money in their first 3 months they are gone – most likely to another opportunity!

So what do you do about it?

  1. Accept it is always going to happen so don’t worry about it
  2. Protect your income by having something that helps you, your prospects (even if they don’t join your business by way) and your team members  promote whatever business you are in at the time, but will be there as a constant.  By promoting I am talking about lead generation, guru strategies and value products to give away.

If you can see the value in something like that – and I guess you’d have to be pretty narrow minded not to at least check it out – then you may want to watch this short video to find out how – 

the real paul turner