The Negabots are everywhere!

By | January 4, 2016

So I am assuming many of you reading this don’t know what a Negabot is.  In the following video I give an explanation of what a Negabot is and how they want to stop you succeeding.

In a nutshell anybody can be a Negabot – and it is all down to programming.  Nobody knows where it really started but have you noticed how easy it is to be negative?  Especially when it comes from all around you – this is what the negabots want!

The way they get to you is by feeding you negativity – its all over – and the only way protect yourself – and cure yourself if you are already infected is to keep feeding yourself with positivity – from books, videos, hanging around with positive people or anything else that keeps in in positive frame of mind.

See the banner over on the top right of this page – the 21 Day Challenge one?  That is a great place to get the right training, hang around with positive people and get a self development library – check it out if you are in the home based business industry.