Traffic Academy by the Private Online Marketing Team review

By | February 6, 2015

Have you noticed that several MLMers have been getting back into affiliate marketing lately.  Why would that be?

Well MLM comes with its own problems.  Although its a great business model and I have made some good money with MLM its easy to become jaded with lack of results from team members.  In fact there is a lot of hand holding, coaching and working with people that will often jump on the next shiny object.

The Private Online Marketing Team is made up of Eric Green and Ray Dietrich and they are prime examples of people using the marketing skills they have learned to go out and make affiliate sales on autopilot.  What’s cool is they now share how to do it with their traffic academy.

I will leave the price a surprise as you will be surprised at how cheap it is for what you get – but what I will say is if you aren’t willing to take the trial for a measly $1 then you should probably give up now!

Anyway – if you really feel you need more info before you spend your $1 you can watch my review here –