What to say when somebody pitches you

By | September 8, 2015

Its a common problem we all have.  We try and be professional in our business and network like you are meant to and then we get pitched.

Either straight off without any greeting or a simple “hello” or perhaps after a couple of sentences “so you need to see this amazing opportunity Paul”

Well if you had bothered to check you would know I am on my path thanks and doing well in my company. In the Fantastic Four Facebook Challenge we are running we are aiming at helping you get 4 people into a business in 21 days.  That may or may not happen because results can vary ( I did 25 in month) but you will certainly come out of it a better marketer.   This is an example of the training we give our team –

So remember these people aren’t going to be getting great results generally and they can he helped if you can teach them the right way to do things!

The other option of course is to just block them!  But then of course you stand no chance of recruiting them.

Our Fantastic Facebook Four Challenge is producing great results if you want more info click the link and see some of the testimonials below

the real paul turner

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