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Your new team member’s journey

Not so many of us actually sit and reflect back on a new team member’s journey and how they end up joining you in your network marketing business.  Or think back to our journey.

I recorded this Facebook Live video on the subject and it got some great feedback so I am turning it into a blog post too with the destinations on the journey laid out for you.

Watch this video for some tips on how to deal with present and future team members at each step.


Here are the steps  –

  • Seeker – they are looking for a solution to a problem
  • Suspect – they see your offer and wonder if there is anything in it for them and if its even legit
  • Prospect – OK – there may be something in it but they still aren’t sure
  • Buyer – most prospects do not become buyers but some will
  • Advocate – they get involved and they love it – so they tell others – great for network marketers!
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Mind Hack Your Way To Be Lucky With NLP

I read some research on luck – and more importantly how lucky people have certain traits that can be identified scientifically.  As an NLP Practitioner this lead me to research whether those traits could be accomplished with using NLP techniques for those that didn’t already posses them.

If you would like to know more about what I found then you may wish to view the video I shared with my Facebook profile and the link to some scientific evidence below.  I will also list the traits for those of you who aren’t into watching videos.

Further research can be found here THE LUCK FACTOR

So the traits of luck people are  –

1 IDENTITY – lucky people identify themselves as lucky.  They believe they are lucky and deserving of good fortune.

2 ACTION TAKERS – lucky people are action takers.  They act even when there is not 100% certainty that things will work out exactly the way they want or expect.  They are willing to take some risks to move forward.  They don’t procrastinate too much and just get on with it.

3 OPEN MINDED – being flexible and adaptable, being able to go with the flow is a great attribute to have if you want more luck in your life.  When weighing things up they may ask “what’s the worst that can happen?” but will also ask “So how would that really effect me?” and then they take action.  They are generally willing to accept some short term pain for long term benefit.

4 SPECIFICALLY VAGUE – this may seem to go against the grain of some law of attraction advice but people you identify themselves as being lucky don’t put too many specifics on what they want.  This leaves them open to more possibilities.  To demonstrate the point – If I wanted to be a surgeon I could say “I want to be a surgeon that helps a lot of people working at a great hospital”.  That is specifically vague.  Unlucky people would say “I want to be a leading cardiac surgeon doing 2 operations a day and I work at St Patricks’ hospital in Los Angeles”.

Now it doesn’t mean that if you are that specific you can’t have it – but how do you feel if you got to be a surgeon only doing 1 operation a say, or worked at a different hospital?  Or if you have the chance to work in a new / different area of surgery?  Being less specific gives you more opportunities.

5 LUCKY PEOPLE ARE KIND TO THEMSELVES – we all do things that don’t work out.  We all face challenges, make mistakes and maybe sometimes don’t perform at our best.  Whilst many of us go around beating ourselves up (often for years) lucky people realise that the past is the past, take the learnings from the experience and move on.  They hit setbacks but rather than quit they keep moving forward.

6 OUTGOING PERSONALITY – not necessarily extrovert but lucky people are willing to put themselves out to the world so the world can reach back to them.  They are the type of people that are willing to speak to anybody because you never know where that connection can lead.  Being confident to put yourself out there is a big deal.

Is those are the luck traits what are the unlucky ones?

Well there was one major attribute unlucky people seem to have and that is a level on anxiety.  When given a task to do it is easy for them to lose awareness of what is going on around them as they worry about one particular element.  Will they get it wrong? What if they don’t do it right?

An example is the experiment I mention in the video above.   2 groups of people, one who classed themselves as lucky and the other as unlucky were give the task of counting photographs in the same newspaper.

Both groups were asked to count the number of photos in the newspaper.

The newspaper was printed especially for the experiment though and had an advert in large text early in the paper that told the reader to stop counting and gave the number of photographs in the ad.  The lucky people without exception saw the ad, whilst the unlucky people totally missed it.


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How To Deal With a Negative Spouse

If you have a negative spouse not supporting you when you try and build your online / network marketing business in the aim of making a better life?

It can be a real issue and is a common problem in the industry – here is a video I did on Facebook live with some thoughts and some insight for you – enjoy and I hope you get value.

Would you be interested in getting 30 days worth of our “Back To The Fundamentals” training for free?


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Piggy Back Marketing

Here is a training I did for our Back To The Fundamentals training package  – we are still recording trainings and loading them at the time of recording this many are already there and you can get all 30 trainings for free when you sign up below the video – assuming you like to get the tricks of the trade that is –

the real paul turner

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When should you mention your business opportunity in a Facebook chat

If you build your network on Facebook or other social media you know it can be a really powerful way of building a business online – but when do you mention your opportunity?

Today a couple of my team jumped on a zoom with me to talk about this and although it was intended as a team training I decided to leak it out as I know many of you reading this will get value from it and it will maybe fill in some of those little gaps in knowledge that can have a huge impact on results.

If you don’t have time to watch the video then let me give you the major insight we share –

All three of us hardly ever get to the right time to bring up our business opportunity in a Facebook chat because we don’t mention our business !!  Yet we all make a good income online – how does that happen – then you really will need to watch the video to find out sorry!

Have an awesome day


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Lessons from a Ray Higdon Event – MLM Millionaire Mentoring

I recently attended the MLM Millionaire Mentoring event in Manchester with Ray Higdon and made a ton of notes.

One of my things is to share knowledge so for those of you that just want it raw I go through my notes here to give you the golden nuggets.  Check below for a free gift too.


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Home based business vehicle reversing – are you one?

As I waled to the cafe I sometimes work at this morning I passed the supermarket that was taking in a delivery. I don’t know if its a global thing but trucks and lorries here often announce “Vehicle Reversing” and it made me thing of some of the people I have worked with in the past.


They tell my they are going to get stuck in and can’t wait to start and promise me they are one to watch as they are ready and never give up until they successful.

Then it goes quiet. I have even had 2 people join me in different businesses tell me how many people they can introduce that they can’t fail – then the NEXT DAY – yes the NEXT DAY said they didn’t have time and quit. They hadn’t even gone through the training.

Usually its not that quick of course. It can take a week or 2 – or even a month or 2 – but some people just seem to like to find a reason to stop themselves.

They become a “vehicle reversing” and announce to the world of course that it is not their fault. They don’t have time, they suddenly got ill, they found something “better”, they tell me that NOBODY wants to join when I can show them the numbers coming in prove that plenty of people join.

This is a normal part of our human behaviour – we are programmed this way I guess and it sucks. But if you are aware of it you can break through that process and decide not to reverse – but push forward even harder and stop the process – I promise you it is worth it.

So how do you do that? You do some kind of personal development everyday – there are books, Youtube videos, plenty of training courses and the business opportunities I like to promote usually have some self development built in as I know how important it was to my break through in terms of attracting not only great team members but also great business partners like Eric Green.

Not to say you will do that same or to brag but to let you know what is possible once you push forward we are currently sitting on $46,000 which w accomplished in 8 weeks.

Message me if you want more info on how I broke through and what we do to get results like this

But most of all – don’t be a vehicle reversing – be a juggernaut to success!

Check out our Shadow Commission Project where we are helping people be the juggernaut – CLICK HERE

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Amazing compensation plan

You are going to love this compensation plan – watch the video

OK – So maybe its not actually the best comp plan – but if you want to know how to generate leads to your business then you can grab our free training by filling in this short survey

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How To Program Your Subconscious Mind To Use The Law of Attraction

So some of you know I at the time of writing this I am close to finishing an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) course.

I am very interested in how 2 people can take the same actions and get different results, and NLP can answer some of that.  In particular there is a great divide in results from people using the Law Of Attraction as introduced to many in the film The Secret.

So I intend to do some of my own trainings in the future but here is an excellent video from David Snyder – enjoy –

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