How to sell without selling in Network Marketing

By | September 18, 2015

OK so first of all I know that sounds like a crazy statement to make “How to sell without selling” but since I adopted this approach I have seen my business go from strength to strength and twice now I have brought 25 people into a business without having to pressure them, without having to spend ages explaining and also have them very happy to be there.

My aim in this blog post is to help you grow your current business or help you develop a new business if you are just starting out.

So many people do not know this strategy and yet it could save them so much stress and rejection.

Maybe you should watch this video and then I can expand on it


So now you have watched that you have an understanding of how HELPING somebody can yield great results.  Let cover a few points.

Selling is much easier if you are providing a solution to a problem the prospect has declared themselves

So lets say you and I are going to open a hot dog stand in the same area.  There are two pitches to choose from – one is outside an all you can eat buffet restaurant and the other is outside a large office block where people come out at lunch hungry and ready to eat.

no sellingIt stands to reason that the hot dog stand outside the office block is going to do more business as those people are ready for something to eat, they most likely only have an hour at best and as they have to buy lunch every day probably want something cheap!  We have an ideal solution for them.

The hot dog stand out side the all you can eat restaurant is a tough sell – people are either coming out stuffed or have travelled there specifically to eat at an all you can eat restaurant – they are not likely to suddenly change their mind and just grab a hot dog!

In network marketing terms we now that 95% of network marketers are struggling to make the money they want – they need a solution to generate leads and conversions – there is a need!  If you have something like our Facebook Challenge then YOU (not your company) can help them!  We are not selling at this point, we are helping.

Pain and Passion

I mentioned in this blog post that we need them to identify the problem.  How do we do that?  We ask them!  Its so easy when you know how isn’t it.  If we can also find out their passion, ie playing volleyball on the beach all day, working for a charity etc then we can also work on helping them to reach that.

Help people move out of pain and into their passion.

Great questions to ask are  –

“So why are are doing this – are you trying to achieve a particular goal?”
“What drives you – once you get full time what will you do all day?”
“What do you need to get there?”
“What’s stopping you getting there?”
“What are you struggling with?”

Once you find the pain and or passion you simply say something to this effect – “Tell me more about that” – you many say “Really  – how does that work?”   – or “Oh that sounds terrible – tell me more”  – “So is that how you would like to spend your time?”

Now we can HELP THEM

“Listen Geoff, I don’t know if this is a fit for you or you are a fit for it, but I may have something that help help you get to <<insert passion>> and get free from <<insert pain>>  – I have a link somewhere if you want it – I know is working pretty well!

So there you go – easy stuff – hope it help show you how to sell without selling.

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