How to stop being overwhelmed in network marketing

By | September 19, 2015

I personally believe that overwhelm is a huge issue in the network marketing / home based business industry.  Your company and team most likely supply you with lots of training to ‘help’ you.  And I am sure that much of the training is excellent and they and you assume that with all this training you can’t go wrong and yet you do nothing – why?

Well I believe many people are overwhelmed .

But before I talk about that I do need to be a little in your face and say you may just be lazy, in denial about the effort you have really put in, you may lack the motivation you need to make a business like this work and you may be a get rich quick seeker – sorry doesn’t happen without work.

So now we have got that out of the way – there are lots if intelligent and motivated people out there that struggle and I feel for them.   I made a video about it actually

I believe that with so many ways to build a business online there is a real problem with people just not knowing where to start!

I used to think that if I “tried” 2, 3 or eve 4 marketing tactics at once I would find one that worked – and I see lots of people doing the same – makes sense right?  In actual fact it is far better to focus on one thing that you know works for other people.  If it works for them it has proven to be successful already – so therefore you can make it work too.

FOCUS is key

Follow One Course Until Successful

Once you have mastered one form of lead generation the next one becomes easier.   I hope the video above makes sense to you.  If you want to find out about the blueprint we have put together in the form of a 21 day challenge CLICK HERE NOW