The missing step in your network marketing business

By | September 22, 2015

I come across people all the time that are making this mistake in their network marketing business – they get so excited when someone agrees to looking that they forget to talk to people and just send a link – or maybe of course they weren’t taught to do things the right way.

Here is a video I did today on the tactic

So maybe you ask if they are interested and Mr Prospect says yes – so you say” great – I will send my link” when what you should really say is

Fantastic Mr Prospect, but can I just ask – why is it you are looking for something – just curious?

So what we are doing here is finding out why our prospect is looking to create some extra income.  There could be a million reasons like wanting to quit their job, wanting to pay for their children’s education or maybe but a new car or treat themselves to a holiday – but now we know we can start applying that to them.

Ask how much money that would require, and if applicable what they would do when they hit that target – ie. quitting their job – what would they do with their time.

Now we can make our business more relatable to THEIR needs which will really help with them joining the business but also sticking with it.

Share this with your teams and see what happens!

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