mlm merry go round paul turner

The MLM Merry Go round

I called this blog post the MLM Merry Go Round because I know a lot of people online and see this happening all the time.  People go from one company to the next – and in a few cases go right back where they started!  It is literally like betting on which Merry Go Round […]

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3 Step guide to Fast Track Business Growth

One of my team members recorded this video explaining how to fast track a business and get instant growth.  We are using these techniques to roll out our expansion in the UK – if you know anyone who can help please contact me at or skype me paulturner3 or call me 0845 3409234.

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How network marketing compares to a traditional business

I was looking at some old training and notes from my days working for a blinds company in the UK and it was interesting to see the KPIs –  key performance indicators  – things like how much a customer spends, how often, how many leads we convert into customers and so on. Then even more […]

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