When should you mention your business opportunity in a Facebook chat

If you build your network on Facebook or other social media you know it can be a really powerful way of building a business online – but when do you mention your opportunity?

Today a couple of my team jumped on a zoom with me to talk about this and although it was intended as a team training I decided to leak it out as I know many of you reading this will get value from it and it will maybe fill in some of those little gaps in knowledge that can have a huge impact on results.

If you don’t have time to watch the video then let me give you the major insight we share –

All three of us hardly ever get to the right time to bring up our business opportunity in a Facebook chat because we don’t mention our business !!  Yet we all make a good income online – how does that happen – then you really will need to watch the video to find out sorry!

Have an awesome day


Increasing your blog traffic from the top sites on the web

If you really want to be a leader then it makes sense to have a blog – somewhere you can go put your content and know it will still be there years from now.  Also if you think about it a blog is the only thing online you actually own!

I am a proud member of MLSP – My Lead System Pro  – which has some great lead generation tools, awesome training from 7 figure earners AND in October 2015 they launch a blogging platform – YES!

So you can get everything you need now with MLSP – its there to support your primary business and is NOT another opportunity – so you should check it out.

Anyway – this is a must see video from one of the awesome leaders in the group – after you watch it get the free lead magnet to get an example of the sort of things we get to use the generate leads inside of MLSP – plus you will learn alot from it.

Here is the resource I mentioned earlier – 
falcone training vid

What does “stopping 3 feet from gold” actually mean

If you haven’t heard the expression “3 feet from gold” and don’t know what it means perhaps I should explain.  It is a great book which you can read about here at Amazon.

The actual expression though refers to the fact that –

people often give up on the verge of success

You can watch my video on it here –

So let me continue with a couple more points.

Firstly people in the network marketing industry in particular are not taught that it takes TIME to build trust with a prospect.  As I say in my 3 feet from gold video people generally don’t just jump into a home based business – its actually a big deal or should be for most people.

When was the last time you jumped in to a big decision.  Not too often I am sure.  So if you realize this then you lose some of the urgency – you see some people come into the industry thinking they can make a big income quickly – in actual fact this while this CAN happen it often doesn’t happen – this is a business and whilst you can shortcut the process by learning how to build rapport and engage with people – we have a great video on that in our Fantastic Facebook Four 21 Day Challenge.

Secondly I want to point out that most people take time ti learn how to build that trust and rapport.  So for a typical network marketer learning those techniques for the first time they start month 1 with great intentions – this month is mainly learning.

Month 2 they are starting to build those relationships BUT this can take more than a month

Month 3 they look at their results and quit!  Sometimes the excitement has worn off too and there are no sales!  But if they forget the first month may have been wasted.  They forget they are building the pipeline.  They forget that they are 3 feet from gold!

I hope you found this blog post interesting at least – if so please feel free to like and share or leave a comment for me.



How to stop being overwhelmed in network marketing

I personally believe that overwhelm is a huge issue in the network marketing / home based business industry.  Your company and team most likely supply you with lots of training to ‘help’ you.  And I am sure that much of the training is excellent and they and you assume that with all this training you can’t go wrong and yet you do nothing – why?

Well I believe many people are overwhelmed .

But before I talk about that I do need to be a little in your face and say you may just be lazy, in denial about the effort you have really put in, you may lack the motivation you need to make a business like this work and you may be a get rich quick seeker – sorry doesn’t happen without work.

So now we have got that out of the way – there are lots if intelligent and motivated people out there that struggle and I feel for them.   I made a video about it actually

I believe that with so many ways to build a business online there is a real problem with people just not knowing where to start!

I used to think that if I “tried” 2, 3 or eve 4 marketing tactics at once I would find one that worked – and I see lots of people doing the same – makes sense right?  In actual fact it is far better to focus on one thing that you know works for other people.  If it works for them it has proven to be successful already – so therefore you can make it work too.

FOCUS is key

Follow One Course Until Successful

Once you have mastered one form of lead generation the next one becomes easier.   I hope the video above makes sense to you.  If you want to find out about the blueprint we have put together in the form of a 21 day challenge CLICK HERE NOW

How to sell without selling in Network Marketing

OK so first of all I know that sounds like a crazy statement to make “How to sell without selling” but since I adopted this approach I have seen my business go from strength to strength and twice now I have brought 25 people into a business without having to pressure them, without having to spend ages explaining and also have them very happy to be there.

My aim in this blog post is to help you grow your current business or help you develop a new business if you are just starting out.

So many people do not know this strategy and yet it could save them so much stress and rejection.

Maybe you should watch this video and then I can expand on it


So now you have watched that you have an understanding of how HELPING somebody can yield great results.  Let cover a few points.

Selling is much easier if you are providing a solution to a problem the prospect has declared themselves

So lets say you and I are going to open a hot dog stand in the same area.  There are two pitches to choose from – one is outside an all you can eat buffet restaurant and the other is outside a large office block where people come out at lunch hungry and ready to eat.

no sellingIt stands to reason that the hot dog stand outside the office block is going to do more business as those people are ready for something to eat, they most likely only have an hour at best and as they have to buy lunch every day probably want something cheap!  We have an ideal solution for them.

The hot dog stand out side the all you can eat restaurant is a tough sell – people are either coming out stuffed or have travelled there specifically to eat at an all you can eat restaurant – they are not likely to suddenly change their mind and just grab a hot dog!

In network marketing terms we now that 95% of network marketers are struggling to make the money they want – they need a solution to generate leads and conversions – there is a need!  If you have something like our Facebook Challenge then YOU (not your company) can help them!  We are not selling at this point, we are helping.

Pain and Passion

I mentioned in this blog post that we need them to identify the problem.  How do we do that?  We ask them!  Its so easy when you know how isn’t it.  If we can also find out their passion, ie playing volleyball on the beach all day, working for a charity etc then we can also work on helping them to reach that.

Help people move out of pain and into their passion.

Great questions to ask are  –

“So why are are doing this – are you trying to achieve a particular goal?”
“What drives you – once you get full time what will you do all day?”
“What do you need to get there?”
“What’s stopping you getting there?”
“What are you struggling with?”

Once you find the pain and or passion you simply say something to this effect – “Tell me more about that” – you many say “Really  – how does that work?”   – or “Oh that sounds terrible – tell me more”  – “So is that how you would like to spend your time?”

Now we can HELP THEM

“Listen Geoff, I don’t know if this is a fit for you or you are a fit for it, but I may have something that help help you get to <<insert passion>> and get free from <<insert pain>>  – I have a link somewhere if you want it – I know is working pretty well!

So there you go – easy stuff – hope it help show you how to sell without selling.

We have lots of cool trainings like this in our team and you get get in for as little as $35 – check it out HERE

The Money is in the L I S T

I made this video to show you a very cool way of building a business that is what I learned from six and even seven figure earners in the industry.

This isn’t list building although the money is in the L.I.S.T – if you want to get our challenge and take part for $35 then click the link below the video to see more info

the real paul turner

How to shortcut your network marketing success

For many people network marketing just doesn’t live up to their expectations.  I believe the industry has been badly effected by bold promises of making fast income really quickly which in many cases is just not possible.

In reality there are some barriers with most companies including the great ones –

  • You need to recruit lots of people to get to your full time income goal
  • team members don’t duplicate because it takes them time to learn how to build a team
  • team members leave typically within 90 days if they are not making any money
  • there are plenty of shiny objects that come along to distract you

So if you would like to know a simple twist on what most of you are doing now in network marketing I am sure I can help – in this video I give you some ideas that helped me get to 25 recruits in a single month!

My intent here is to help people – if you are interested get in touch – my contact details are here – CONTACT

Enjoy the video

Contact me or click the links and lets see how we can help each other